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Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Great Software is Critical for Business Success

Delivering software solutions is hard ...
Are you frustrated by IT Systems that hold your business back?


Are you frustrated by IT Systems that hold your business back?

  • icon-cross Do your applications result in poor customer experience?
  • icon-cross Are poorly integrated systems impacting productivity?
  • Group 629 Is bad data putting every business decision at risk?
  • icon-cross Do you have access to the right data to make decisions?

Software Solutions that your Business will Love

Deliver solutions tailor-made to your unique business needs,
on time and on budget.


Deliver Value

Align stakeholders to swiftly prioritise work, staying on time and to budget.


Increase Customer

Respond faster to customer feedback, changing requirements and priorities.


Get Ahead of the

Accelerate speed to market, deliver features that have a positive impact on the business sooner and more frequently.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We understand business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost effectively deliver software solutions that add real business value.

We care about helping you deliver solutions that your business and customers will love.

  • icon-tick-green-38 More than 100 happy customers
  • Certified Expertise | Green Tick Certified expertise in key technologies
  • Hundreds of solutions | Green Tick Hundreds of solutions delivered
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Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you understand what's possible with technology so you can deliver innovative solutions for your business.


Effortless Partnership

You know your business. We know Tech. We work with you as a single team to help you achieve your goals.



We believe small, specialised teams using a lean, agile approach can deliver quality outcomes faster and more efficiently.

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We love to see our
clients win

Through our relationship with Rubicon Red, we’ve really been able to remove that dependency on single people, grow our collective knowledge of the platform and make sure at the end of the day we are delivering the best solutions we can to the business.

Matt Faries, CIO

Our partnership with Rubicon Red has put us at the forefront of innovation in autonomous service delivery in the higher ed sector, which is critical to our achievement of the University’s growth agenda.

Catherine Cherry, Director Prospect Management

When making the decision to move to the cloud, at the same time as tackling a substantial program of work for our business, we relied heavily on expert advice from Rubicon Red.

Stuart Laird, Head of Applications

Our Expertise


Application Development

We build custom cloud applications tailored to your needs.

  • Cloud Native Applications
  • Business Process Automation
  • AI and Machine Learning
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APIs and Integration

We specialise in API-driven connectivity and integration.

  • Cloud Integration
  • Event-Driven Integration
  • On-Premise Integration
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Data Platforms

We build data platforms for fast, secure access to all your data.

  • Data Integration
  • Data Integrity & Governance
  • Data Driven Applications


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Deliver your Software Solution Faster


01 Define

Solution Roadmap

We get to know your organisation and identify your unique vision and challenges. Then we define a solution roadmap to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a software solution tailored to your unique business needs.


02 Implement

Your Unique Solution

We work in collaboration to implement your tailor-made solution. Our Product-Centric approach allows the solution to continually adapt to evolving requirements, whilst delivering on time and budget.


03 Go Live

With Solution Your Business Loves

Launch your new solution and experience increased customer and user satisfaction. We will provide ongoing support as well as continued enhancements as required.

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Why Great Software is Critical to Business Success

In today’s digital world, software underpins every customer interaction. Great software allows a business to deliver a simple and frictionless customer experience; one that supports their competitive strategy and one that their customers and business will love.

Unfortunately, many organisations are held back by bad software solutions, this not only results in a bad experience for their customers but can impact productivity, increase risk as well as being extremely frustrating for employees.
Delivering great software is hard! To solve this, many organisations are implementing SaaS applications. But since your competitors will often have the same SaaS application, and given the limited ability to customise. SaaS applications (on their own) don’t make sense in areas where businesses are looking to achieve a competitive advantage.
The challenge for organisations is how to quickly and cost-effectively deliver solutions built on top of their existing on-premise and SaaS applications. Solutions that are built specifically to address their unique business needs and that their business and customers will love to use.
Equally important, is ensuring any processes that directly impact the customer experience are streamlined and optimised in order to enable staff and partners to do their part in delivering a great customer experience.
At Rubicon Red, we understand your business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost-effectively deliver great software solutions that add real business value.

We care about helping you deliver solutions that not only meet your unique business needs but solutions that your business and customers will love.

Our Product-Centric approach allows organisations to rapidly and cost-effectively develop great software solutions that their business and customer will love, whilst providing the flexibility to quickly adapt to future needs.

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