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Speed is the new competitive advantage

Not only must businesses be good at what they do, but they must also be able to do it quickly.  Organisations who are able to successfully transition to a real-time enterprise will run rings around their competition.


Do internal bottlenecks make it hard to respond quickly to your customer’s needs?

  • Are poorly integrated systems impacting productivity?
  • Does it take too long to notify people/systems when things happen?
  • Are people making decisions based on outdated data?
  • Are manual processes slowing you down or causing errors?
  • Is it hard to share information with your partners/suppliers?

Unlock your data so you can run your business in real-time

Getting the right data to the right place at the right time is crucial to enable the right decision and subsequent action in real-time. To do this at scale, organisations must enable a rapid and seamless flow of information inside and between organisations as things are happening in real-time. We help organisations unlock their data and deliver it in real-time to where it's needed to allow them to respond faster to customer needs while reducing costs and driving efficiencies.


Intelligent Automation

AI/ML powered turnkey solutions to improve efficiency and reduce errors

  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Intelligent Chatbots and Bespoke Apps
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APIs and Integration

Real-time integration to connect all your applications, systems and devices

  • Service-Based, Event-Driven, API Integration
  • Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid
  • Strategy, Architecture, Governance

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Unlock data silos for fast, secure, self-service access to all your data

  • Data Platforms
  • Data Integration
  • Data-Driven Applications
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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We've been helping customers deliver enterprise software integration and automation solutions for over a decade - these are key capabilities to transition to real-time business.

We are a boutique Australian software service provider, implementing innovative digital solutions with unmatched flexibility and cost using our product-centric delivery model.

  • icon-tick-green-38 Delivered 300+ successful projects
  • Certified Expertise | Green Tick 100+ certified experts with our best-of-breed partners - Appian, AWS, MuleSoft, Oracle, Solace, StreamSets, Workato
  • Hundreds of solutions | Green Tick Our lean, agile development approach plus our onshore/offshore model delivers the best value

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Deliver real-time digital experiences


01 Define

Your Real-time Strategy

We partner with you to understand your key business processes and your long term real-time strategy.  Then, we assess your current state technology landscape and help you select the right digital platforms along with a prioritised roadmap of key real-time initiatives to deliver. Finally, we set you up with the right platform and architecture foundations built on best-of-breed technologies and standards so you can start executing on your real-time strategy at scale.


02 Deliver

Your Key Real-time Initiatives

Our product-centric delivery teams bring combined expertise in data management, system integration, process automation and custom application development to start delivering on your key real-time initiatives.  Our lean, agile approach and product mindset help you course-correct rapidly and deliver business value iteratively. Our outcome focus ensures your initiatives are delivered on time with unmatched quality so you can achieve your ongoing business goals.


03 Go-Live & Optimise

Your Real-time Experiences

We believe that achieving digital ‘nirvana’ is a continuous cycle needing constant innovation based on feedback. We take your solution live and work with you collaboratively to optimise and refine your real-time experiences by measuring your digital KPIs and recalibrating your overall success plan.  We repeat this cycle in value-driven increments until we have fully transformed you into the real-time enterprise you aspire to be.

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Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you understand what's possible with technology so you can deliver innovative digital solutions for your business.


Effortless Partnership

You know your business. We know the latest technology.  We work with you as a single team to help you become a real-time enterprise.



We believe small, specialised teams using a lean, agile approach can deliver quality outcomes faster and more efficiently.

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Speed is the new competitive advantage

Not only must businesses be good at what they do, but they must also be able to do it quickly. 

Today companies in all industries are being required to move faster to meet rapidly changing expectations in what people want, where and how quickly they want it, while ensuring they deliver on all aspects of their brand promise. 

Time is the critical component in being able to respond rapidly to customer needs while at the same time reducing costs and driving efficiency.

As a result, we are seeing the emergence of Real Time Enterprise's (RTE) who are continually reinventing the way they work to run rings around their competitors.  This includes relatively new entrants such as Amazon, Uber and Netflix, plus more established companies such as Disney, GE and Caterpillar.

The RTE is not a new concept. What is different now is that the technology to capture, distribute and act on data in real-time is now mainstream. Organisations that are able to take advantage of this technology to transform how work gets done, will have the business advantage.

Becoming a real-time enterprise is not just about automating or digitising existing business processes. Rather, it requires a change in the overall operating model to take advantage of digital technology, allowing organizations to move from a supply-push model driven by predictions to a demand-pull model that is able to respond in real-time to current needs.

While the transformation to a RTE will be enabled by technology, it will require new business models, which, in turn, will require structural changes in organisations and their cultures.

So, what makes a real-time enterprise? Key attributes of an RTE include:

  • Automation of the primary activities of the business
  • A significant reduction in friction across business interactions
  • Providing self-service that simplifies while cutting cost
  • The ability to sense and respond to demand and other key events
  • Delivering products as a service

Underpinning all of these capabilities is enabling the rapid flow of information inside organisations and across corporate boundaries.  More specifically, it's about ensuring that regardless of where or how the data originated, that we can get the right data to the right place at the right time to enable the right decision and/or action to be performed.

While that definition might sound deceptively simple, in reality, effective real-time data movement is not simple and relies on organisations establishing a modern distributed digital backbone that can rapidly adapt to meet an organisation's real-time needs.

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