Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator’s Guide Published

Rubicon Red is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator’s guide, due to be published in August.

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is the backbone of messaging and application integration in a service-oriented architecture. An application administrator is responsible for an end-to-end administration and management of the infrastructure. Understanding the underlying components, services, and configuration and their relations to each other is necessary to effectively administer the Oracle SOA Suite 11g environment.

Rubicon Red advocates a proactive Support model, whereby the SOA Suite infrastructure is continually monitored to for potential issues, before they impact the business, this includes monitoring:

  • that services are performing within their expected ranges,
  • the health, availability and responsiveness of each component is as expected
  • in the event of issues occurring, identify the underlying cause so it can be quickly rectified

For the inexperienced, due to its sheer size and complexity, administering the Oracle SOA Suite 11g can be a daunting task. Rubicon Red offers a range of Support Services to manage, monitor and maintain the reliability and operational availability of your Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

As part of our commitment to the SOAK Centre; whereby we share best practice, technical notes to aid the development, deployment and support of Oracle’s SOA Suite. Our consultants have been working on a number of books, including the soon to be released Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator’s guide.

Written by Arun Pareek of Rubicon Red and co-Author Ahmed Aboulnaga, the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook equips the reader with everything they need to know about all the core administrative and management activities around Oracle SOA Suite. Written as a definitive guide to real world administration of Oracle SOA Suite 11g, the handbook provides a troubleshooting methodology, explains what and how to backup and restore your environment, configure the infrastructure to implement a policy based security framework, offers scripting of common administration tasks such as deployments, tuning and migration, and delves into advanced topics such as silent installs, cloning, backup and recovery and high availability installations.

Table of Contents

  1. SOA Infrastructure Management : What You Need to Know
  2. Management of SOA Composite Applications
  3. Tuning Oracle SOA Suite for Optimum Performance
  4. Monitoring Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  5. Conguring and Administering Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  6. Troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite 11g Components
  7. Conguring Security Policies for SOA Composite Applications
  8. Managing the Metadata Services Repository and Dehydration Store
  9. Backup and Recovery

About the Author Arun Pareek is a Senior SOA consultant at Rubicon Red, an innovative IT professional services firm focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as SOA, BPM and Cloud Computing.

Over the past six years, he has worked in the capacity of consultant and architect in the implementation of a variety of SOA-based projects for customers across the globe. Arun is an IASA certified software architect and has been actively working on the SOA Suite of products of both Oracle and BEA, including technologies such as Service Bus, AIA, BPEL, BAM, BPA, and BPMN. He has a knack for designing systems that are scalable, performant, and fault-tolerant, and is a keen enthusiast of automation techniques. He is also an active blogger on these technologies, and runs a popular blog at