Intelligent Document Integration and Processing

Shrink document processing time from days to seconds

Rubicon Red leverages a number of AWS technologies including Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Sagemaker for Intelligent Document Integration and Processing to automate and streamline your document processing.

Legacy Document Processing is Bad for Business

Each year organizations dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to processing documents (physical or electronic), much of this requires employees to manually churn through documents, extracting information and keying into their enterprise applications. This is slow and error-prone, which leads to cost, control, and quality issues as well as worker dissatisfaction.  Even worse, it introduces process issues and bottlenecks that often result in poor customer experience.

Whilst some organization's have attempted to automate this with OCR technologies (Optical Character Recognition), results have been limited due to OCR’s inability to cope with non-standard formats and semi-structured data, resulting in most companies reverting back to manual processing. 

But, there's good news, with recent advances in technology, AI and ML, the process of capturing the important data locked away in your forms has gotten a whole lot easier.

Legacy document processing is bad for business

Intelligent Document Integration and Processing (IDIP)

Intelligent Document Integration and Processing (IDIP), enables you to fully automate the end to end processing of your documents, including PDFs and scanned images.  Our IDIP document text extraction service combines multiple Amazon AI/ML tools with other components such as integration and human workflow to extract data from a wide range of semi-structured document formats with varying layouts, for example, purchase orders, invoices, receipts and payslips.

Sophisticated Amazon AI/ML provides built-in learning capabilities so the system can start from a small set of sample documents to extract data, and as exceptions occur, human tasks are automatically generated enabling you to easily train the system, so it continually learns and adapts to new and changing formats.

Once data is extracted, IDIP can fully automate the end to end processing of each document, including workflow-based approvals as well as straight-through processing to push the data into your various  IT systems, including ERP, CRM and HCM. 

Intelligent document processing enables fully automated document processing

Leveraging a built-in integration framework and a broad set of connectors, extracted data can be automatically pushed straight through to your applications with no need for human intervention. The solution also includes a human workflow framework that allows you to easily incorporate human tasks into the process, for example, to approve an invoice for processing, before pushing through to your finance system.

Our AWS-based IDIP solution is quick and easy to get up and running and is a fraction of the cost of more traditional pre-packaged solutions.


faster  Do Business Faster - Automate document processing and eliminate bottlenecks to get work done faster and more accurately. 

cost Reduce Operational Cost - Reduce the costs and overheads necessary to perform manual document processing.

compliance  Increase Compliance - Standardize document processing and increase oversight, while reducing dependency on your back office teams.

customer-experience  Improve Customer Experience - Exceed customer expectations with a transparent, convenient, document and application processing experience.

Intelligent Document Processing can improve customer experience


Built in Workflow

In many processes, extracting the data from documents is just a step in a business process. With IDIP you can easily integrate intelligent document processing into your existing workflows or leverage AWS Step Functions to quickly build out end to end processes. Allowing documents and the data extracted to be processed within the context of an end to end business process. This includes human task management, allowing you to incorporate humans in the loop where required.

400+ Connectors for Enterprise Apps

We have 400+ connectors for popular cloud and on-premise apps that enable faster integration, this includes a secure agent for on-premise integration with databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL), ERP (e.g. SAP, Microsoft CRM Dynamics), files and custom applications.  Alternatively, we can connect IDIP with your existing integration platform.

Built-in workflow includes human task managment

We're here to help

We understand business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost-effectively deliver software solutions that add real business value. We specialise in custom application development and we care about helping you deliver software solutions built for your unique business needs that your business and customers will love.  With intelligent document processing projects, we find customers are typically able to achieve an ROI in 3-6 months. It's easy to get started - contact us today to run a short one week pilot, so you can discover how intelligent document processing can you boost your efficiency and automate your business processes.

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