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Software integration solutions to unlock your data

Best-of-breed system integration solutions - specialising in event-driven and API integration to connect all your applications, systems, and devices in real-time.

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Lower Operational Costs

Respond faster

Seamless Digital Experience

Seamless system integration enables real-time business

Speed is the new competitive advantage. To run in real-time, your business needs the right data in the right place at the right time, so you can take the right action. And, if you want a competitive advantage, you must do that at scale. But, connecting all your disparate systems is hard and many organisations struggle to integrate their complex application and technology landscape. We help you implement real-time enterprise integration solutions using application integration best practices so you can unlock your data, connect your systems and enable decisions and action in real-time.  


Is poor system integration holding back your business?

  • Systems don’t easily talk to each other, systems are disconnected, data silos impact visibility

  • Difficult to share data with customers/partners/ suppliers; no integration between OT/IT networks

  • Massive volumes of data are being generated daily, but it is hard to capture, cleanse, transform and share 


Best-of-breed software integration solutions to run your business in real-time

We deliver a range of system integration services to help you establish, develop and manage your system integration solution using best of breed software integration platforms. We use proven industry best practice leveraging service-based, event-driven and API integration to connect all your applications, systems and devices - so you can deliver seamless digital experiences in real-time, at scale.


Integration Strategy

We help you define your integration strategy and future-proof integration architecture to deliver on your business priorities and provide an actionable roadmap to execute this over the next 1-2 years. Need a health check? We can review your iPaaS configuration and application integrations and provide recommendations.


Platform Foundation

We set up your iPaaS with the right deployment topology and instil strong foundations of DevSecOps such as continuous integration, automated testing, configuration management, proactive monitoring so you can rapidly and reliably roll out production integration workloads into your environments.


System Integration

Our integration experts are well-versed in system integration best practices and leverage service-based, event-driven and API integration approaches to build and evolve your application network. We adopt an API-first approach and use robust API management practices to design, develop, secure, manage, monitor and measure your APIs.



We establish/assist your Integration Competency Centre with integration tooling, standards, best practices, integration patterns, governance and architecture so data can flow seamlessly in real-time, accelerate delivery of your API-led and integration solutions and enable your transformation initiatives.



We can help you migrate from a legacy integration platform to a modern iPaaS enterprise integration platform such as MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, and/or upgrade your existing Oracle or MuleSoft integrations to the latest release.  With de-support imminent, speak to us today about your Mule 3 to Mule 4 migration needs.



We offer 24x7 support to manage, monitor and maintain your iPaaS and enterprise integration solutions to ensure performance, availability and scalability of your integration platform and system integrations - on-premise or in the cloud, so you can run your business in real-time and respond to your customer's faster.

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Best-of-breed enterprise integration solutions

We work with the finest iPaaS and software integration platforms and tools on the market to deliver your API-first and event-driven integration solutions.

Why work with Rubicon Red?

We are a leading software integration solutions company in Australia and New Zealand. Our integration architects and API integration developers have been helping customers connect their disparate systems and complex technology landscapes to exacting standards for the past decade. 

  • Group 630 Certified in best of breed iPaaS including MuleSoft, Oracle, Solace, StreamSets, Workato
  • Group 630 We help you connect your business in real-time with event-driven, API-first integration solutions
  • Group 630 Things change. Our product-centric, agile development approach means we can help you adapt, fast!

We love to see our customers shine

We've been able to initiate, deliver and support 12 integration projects in 12 months. This wouldn't have been possible without our new integration platform and Rubicon Red part of our virtual team.

A big thank-you to the team at Rubicon for their seamless & successful delivery for the recent project undertaken. This was carried out via a thorough understanding of our organisation’s needs and reciprocated with constant and clear communication.

Rubicon Red helped us at a critical moment when we needed to get our v1.0 MVP to market really quickly. Their flexible outcome-focused, agile development approach allowed us to focus on the work at hand, based on our changing requirements for each sprint.

Deliver your software integration solutions faster


01 Define

Your API Integration Roadmap

We partner with you to understand your future vision and your current challenges. Then, we provide our integration consulting services to define an integration strategy and execution roadmap. Finally, we set you up with strong foundations of architecture and governance standards that give you the agility to power your business in real-time.


02 Implement

Your Software Integration Solution

Our cross-functional product-centric delivery teams establish and optimise your enterprise integration platform. They implement your integration solutions using proven API-first and integration standards, best practices and accelerators. Then, they take your solutions live following strong DevSecOps processes and provide ongoing management and continuous improvement to cater to your changing business needs.


03 Optimise

Your ROI and repeat the cycle

We measure the ROI of your iPaaS and software integration solutions using a mix of business and technical KPIs to help you assess the value and alignment to your strategic vision. Then, our application integration consultants determine the platform, process and project improvements based on stakeholder and technical feedback. Finally, we help refresh your overall success plan so that you can continue to evolve your software integration solution.

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Smart software integration is key for real-time business

Across nearly every industry today we are seeing the need for successful organisations to run in real-time. To respond in real-time, your business processes and underlying applications that connect your value chain must integrate, seamlessly.

Connecting systems has always been complex, however, the problem is only getting worse as the volume of data and the number of applications and devices increases. The old way of system integration is not sustainable - it's cumbersome and costly and doesn't allow you to respond fast enough.

Rubicon Red's API-first, event-driven thinking and best practice approach to software integration allows organisations to rapidly connect their applications in a responsive, standardised way, reducing the costs of application integration and providing the flexibility and agility to quickly adapt to future needs.

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