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Integration solutions to connect your entire business

Accelerate business growth and increase operational efficiency with integration solutions built for your unique business needs.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Do Business Faster

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Connected Applications are Critical To Be Successful

Delivering integration solutions is hard...
Are you frustrated by poorly integrated applications that hold your business back?


Are badly integrated systems hurting your business?

  • Group 629 Is the lack of integration resulting in a poor customer experience?
  • Group 629 Is manually re-keying data across multiple systems impacting productivity?
  • Group 629 Are hard coded integrations with legacy systems impeding modernisation?
  • Group 629 Is out of date or bad quality data increasing operational risk?

Integration Solutions that will Accelerate Business Growth

Deliver a better customer experience and drive top line revenue growth, whilst enabling the business to drive scale and efficiency and grow the bottom line.


Reduce Operational Costs

Automate manual processing and eliminate re-keying of information to reduce costs and drive efficiency.


Do Better Business, Faster

Streamline business processes and eliminate bottlenecks to get work done faster and more accurately.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Integrate your applications to create a seamless and hassle-free customer experience.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We understand business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost effectively deliver software solutions that add real business value.

We care about helping you deliver integration solutions that your business and customers will love.

  • Group 630 More than 100 happy customers
  • Group 630 Certified integration expertise
  • Group 630 300+ integration solutions delivered
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Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you understand what's possible with technology so you can deliver innovative solutions for your business.


Effortless Partnership

You know your business. We know Tech. We work with you as a single team to help you achieve your goals.



We believe small, specialised teams using a lean, agile approach can deliver quality outcomes faster and more efficiently.

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We love to see our
clients win

A big thank-you to the team at Rubicon for their seamless & successful delivery for the recent project undertaken. This was carried out via a thorough understanding of our organisation’s needs & was reciprocated with constant and clear communication throughout the project.

Angelo Marcantonio, IT Operations Coordinator

We've been able to initiate, deliver and support 12 integration projects in 12 months. This wouldn't have been possible without our new integration platform and Rubicon Red part of our virtual team.

Michael Pinkerton, IT Architect

Our Integration Expertise


API Driven Connectivity

We specialise in taking an API first approach to integration. This is the practice of designing and building APIs first to expose core business capabilities and then composing them in different ways to realize business applications.


Application Integration

We specialise in API-driven connectivity and integration to connect your applications, systems, data, and devices.
  • Cloud Integration
  • On-Premise Integration
  • Hybrid Integration

Event Driven Integration

Event Driven Integration provides the back bone for the real-time enterprise, allowing organisations to process high volume data-streams from any source, such as IoT, mobile devices and existing enterprise systems.

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Integration Partners

We work with the finest technology to deliver best of breed API and integration solutions.

How we can help


Advisory Service

Designed to quickly identify your unique vision and challenges. Then provide a roadmap to incrementally deliver a solution tailored to your unique needs.


Delivery Services

Our Implementation services span the complete software development lifecycle to deliver and support your bespoke APIs and integrations.


Managed Service

Comprehensive 24x7 operational support service to monitor and manage the reliability and operational availability of your APIs and integrations


Integration as a Service

Delivers an API and integration solution tailored to your unique needs as a shrink-wrapped cloud-based service under a fixed monthly subscription fee.

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Deliver your Integration Solution Faster


01 Define

Solution Roadmap

We get to know your organisation, your unique vision and challenges. Then we define a solution roadmap to quickly and cost-effectively deliver an integration solution for your unique business needs.


02 Implement

Your APIs and Integrations

We work in collaboration to implement your tailor-made solution. Our Product-Centric approach allows the solution to continually adapt to your needs, whilst delivering on time and budget.


03 Go Live

With Solution your Business Loves

Launch your new integration solution and experience increased customer and user satisfaction. We will provide ongoing support as well as continued enhancements as required.

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Our free white paper will help you on your API-driven journey, whether you're starting out or refreshing your integration architecture. You'll learn about best practices, different types of APIs, roles they play in your solution architecture and considerations for each stage of the lifecycle.

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Why connected applications are critical to your success

To differentiate themselves, organisations must deliver simplified and compelling digital solutions, tailored specifically to their customer across all channels. To be effective, these solutions must connect the discrete business process spread across multiple SaaS applications and 3rd party systems, to integrate and automate the end-to end value chain.

Connecting systems has always been complex, however the problem is only getting worse as the number of applications, data and devices increases. The old way of connecting applications by wiring point to point code is not sustainable, its expensive and the changes to numerous and frequent. As a result many businesses are struggling with inefficient business processes and delivering less than optimal customer experiences.

Integration when done right, provides a significant competitive advantage, it allows business to provide a better customer experience and drive revenue growth, whilst enabling the business to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Rubicon Red best practice approach to integration allow organizations to rapidly connect their applications in a standardized way, reducing the initial cost of integration plus ongoing operational costs, whilst providing the flexibility to quickly adapt to future needs.

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