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Rubicon Red creates bespoke cloud applications that deliver simplified, compelling digital experiences across all your channels, using a best of breed, multi-vendor cloud model. Using our Product-Centric, Cloud Native and DevOps best practices we rapidly deliver your tailor-made solutions with no fuss or hassle, at minimal cost.

Effortless Customer Experience drives loyalty

Think you need to delight your customers? Think again. Recent findings from Gartner show that customer service interactions are more likely to drive disloyalty than loyalty. The reality is customers actually prefer to do things themselves than talk to customer service - the key is to create low-effort customer self-service experiences to drive customer loyalty:

  • When I want (24/7)
  • Where I want (mobile, web, tablet, messaging)
  • If I get stuck, make it easy for me to get help
  • Let me speak to a person but don’t make me repeat myself

Delivering secure, simplified, seamless and compelling digital experiences is crucial to make it easy for your customers to engage with you on their terms - when, where and how they want.


Enable your Digital Value Chain

Delivering compelling digital experiences is pivotal in how a business interacts with the end customer. However, equally important is the digital value chain, which connects the various parties (and systems) required to deliver on the digital experience and the underlying business model. Consider the elements that comprise your digital value chain:

  • How do your customers engage through every phase
  • What are the "moments that matter most"
  • How well do you handle the transition from digital to human service?
  • Think about the 80-20, how are exceptions handled?
  • How do you engage with your suppliers and partners?
  • Where are the bottlenecks, can they be automated?
  • How do you transfer information?

In this rapidly changing landscape, the winners will be the organisations that are able to implement a seamless digital value chain across their organisation in collaboration with partners and suppliers to support new business models and deliver simplified, compelling digital experiences to their customers.


Omnichannel Digital Experiences

Organisations must be able to deliver differentiated digital experiences across multiple channels - mobile/web/chat/social media. Consumers want a consistent, personalized experience that makes it easy for them to engage and interact with organisations, regardless of the channel.

The rise in artificial intelligence (AI) and conversational platforms is further changing the game in terms of how organisations can interact with their customers to the point that enterprise interactions can be just as seamless and “effortless” as arranging to meet a friend for coffee. The Consumer Connectivity Report 2018 cites that 65% of consumers would like to use popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage to securely interact with organizations. That number is even higher (78%) for the 18-34 year old demographic. Use of chatbots and conversational assistants are on the rise, and are a great way to reduce operating costs and more importantly, consistently deliver superior levels of service that can dynamically scale based on business requirements.

Rubicon Red provides cloud native application development solutions to deliver personalized digital experiences across all your channels - mobile/web/chat/social, using a best of breed, multi-vendor cloud model. Learn more about our Product-Centric, Cloud Native, DevOps based approach to deliver your multi-channel solutions at high velocity.

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API-Driven key to delivering multi-channel experiences

API-driven connectivity is a systematic way to use APIs, designed for specific purposes, to expose data and services onto a platform for broad consumption by organisation's and their digital value chain. With an API-driven approach, every asset becomes a modern, managed API that can be easily exposed and consumed across the digital value chain. APIs fall into three categories:

  • Connectivity APIs: For easy access to core systems of record, provide insulation from complexity.
  • Business APIs: Independent of the source and target systems, enable loose coupling critical.
  • Consumption APIs: Generally designed for a specific user experience.

Working in concert these three API categories enable organisations to deliver secure, compelling multi-channel experiences at high velocity. Be aware though, not all APIs are equal. If you are serious about delivering secure multi-channel digital experiences at high velocity your APIs must be aligned to your business, cater for the pace of change, enable speed to market and 2-speed/bi-modal IT.

Talk to us today about delivering an API framework to support your multi-channel digital experiences at high velocity.


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