Andrew Dorman

Andrew Dorman

Andrew Dorman is a leading integration and cloud practitioner, with over a 15 years of experience empowering organisations with APIs and Integration Architecture, and Cloud Computing


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Strategies for MuleSoft Migration | Mule Migration Assistant

With our focus on API best practices design and API standards, in this blog we take a look at the strategies, approaches, and tools available for upgrading Mule applications running on Anypoint Platform, to bridge the gap between the Mule 3 and Mule 4 runtimes, including Mule Migration Assistant. 

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API Best Practices Design: Our Top 10 API Best Practices

Thinking about API best practices design? Done right, APIs enable rapid connectivity of customers, suppliers and partners across digital channels, unlocking your business's potential for new products, services and engaging digital experiences. 

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How Much Oracle Integration Cloud Do I Need?

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a powerful platform for application integration, process automation, and streamlined mobile and web development. It incorporates machine learning recommendations to accelerate every step of designing and delivering integrations.

In reviewing your cloud...

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Part#1: Getting Started with Oracle PaaS Service Manager for Oracle PaaS Automation

Oracle PaaS Service Manager (PSM) is a command line tool that allows you to provision, configure, and manage the life cycle of Oracle PaaS platforms and products. It acts as a wrapper around the REST APIs, and makes it easier to interact with the PaaS services from the command line and scripts.

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WebLogic Log Inspector: Automated Error Checking using WebLogic Admin REST APIs

Oracle Fusion Middleware environments often consist of multiple servers distributed across many physical hosts. To provision new environments we have the power of Rubicon Red MyST Studio to automate the creation and deployment of platforms both large and small, but there still remains a level of...

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