Cloud Integration

Our Integration experts specialise in hybrid-cloud, API-driven and SaaS integration to connect apps, systems, data and devices.

Our Integration experts specialise in hybrid-cloud, API-driven and SaaS integration to connect apps, systems, data and devices using Product-Centric, Cloud Native, and DevOps best practices. With 300+ completed engagements, Rubicon Red understands the integration challenges facing today’s organisations as they look to modernize their IT environments, and expand their application networks to power the connected enterprise, and integrate their digital value chains to drive innovation and transformational change.

Cloud Integration

Our Integration experts specialise in hybrid-cloud, API-driven and SaaS integration to connect apps, systems, data and devices. Since 2009, we’ve designed and delivered more than 300 successful integration solutions for our customers. We have an innate understanding of the integration challenges facing today’s organisations as they seek to fully connect their enterprise data to:

  • enable the digital value chain spanning their organisation, suppliers and partners
  • rapidly deliver new, simplified, compelling digital experiences for their customers
  • create new revenue streams by exposing existing data
  • modernize their legacy systems to drive business agility

At Rubicon Red we understand the critical role that integration plays in enabling the digital value chain. To this end, we offer our services through both a traditional solution delivery model as well as an innovative integration-as-a-service model. With Integration-as-a-Service, we take a Product Centric DevOps approach to implementing and operating your integrations, allowing new/updated integrations to be continuously delivered to better support your dynamic digital value chain. We use a best-of-breed, multi-vendor cloud model delivered on Oracle Cloud and Amazon Cloud.

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Hybrid Integration

As organisations adopt cloud services at a rapid rate, we see an increasing need for hybrid cloud integration. With hybrid integration organisations can seamlessly connect on-premise applications with cloud applications, allowing them to unlock competitive advantages from digital innovation, new business models and emerging trends such as AI, ML, IoT while leveraging on premises legacy applications.

According to Gartner, integration will account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform through to 2020. They predict that by 2022, at least 65% of large organisations will have implemented a hybrid integrated platform to cope with the influx of SaaS applications, as well as the large amounts of data being collected from mobile and IoT initiatives.

Our breadth of experience includes integrating hundreds of packaged and custom applications, on-premise and cloud, including Oracle ERP, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce, IBM Maximo.

Rubicon Red has the deep integration expertise required to design and implement effective architectures that will securely support application services, as they shift from private cloud to public cloud models, and a combination there-of.

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API-Driven Integration

API-driven integration is part of our DNA, integrating hundreds of off-the-shelf and custom applications, cloud and on premises. An API-driven approach exposes connectivity services as reusable building blocks that can be easily discovered, accessed, and shared, providing greater agility, security, governance and control.

Not all APIs are equal, however. As organisations look to power their digital value chain enabling suppliers and partners, a well-designed API framework must:

  • be aligned to the business (granularity, functionality, context and terminology)
  • cater for the pace of change (effort v value)
  • enable speed to market (holistic agility through the lifecycle)
  • support innovation and BAU (address both exploratory and predictable requirements)
  • hide complexity through abstraction and de-coupling
  • support rapid development through composability
  • provide governance and security
  • support growth through end to end visibility and scalability

Rubicon Red’s best practice integration architecture and methodology has at its core a robust API framework to enable your digital value chain.

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Solving the SaaS Puzzle

Stealth IT projects are contributing to the rapid increase in the number of SaaS apps in organizations today as departments and teams looked to drive increased efficiency and productivity through the myriad of SaaS apps available today including Oracle ERP, Oracle CRM, Oracle Service Cloud, NetSuite, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Salesforce, WorkDay, Box, Jira, Concur, DocuSign, Marketo and Webex. However, it is important to recognize that in the rush to subscribe to new SaaS services, organizations are finding inherent challenges in bringing SaaS solutions into their existing application eco-system.

Because of this, 2018 research from IDC has revealed that only 5% of large enterprises (defined as 10,000 employees or more) have all their SaaS applications fully integrated with corporate-wide systems. Due to the complexity of SaaS deployment, 50% of organisations surveyed have found that integration challenges often cause technology investments to be delayed.

Rubicon Red has proven experience integrating SaaS applications including Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and SAP.

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Critical Success Factors

Rubicon Red has an expert understanding of the critical factors for hybrid cloud and native cloud integration. To be successful, we believe that every cloud integration project must consider these key areas:

  • API management and agile development
  • Risk management, governance and compliance
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Performance and scalability
  • Continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Management and monitoring
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