Cloud Integration

Our Integration experts specialise in hybrid-cloud, API-driven and SaaS integration to connect apps, systems, data and devices.

Rubicon Red’s mission from the outset has been to lead customers to success on their Oracle middleware journey - successfully designing and delivering high quality Integration/SOA solutions from its beginnings in 2009. With 200+ completed engagements, Rubicon Red understands the integration challenges facing today’s organizations as they look to modernize their IT environments, and expand their application networks to drive innovation and transformational change.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

As organizations begin to adopt cloud services from various providers, we see the need for hybrid cloud scenarios will be most common. Hybrid cloud environments enable organizations to continue to leverage their existing assets but expand their application networks to exploit the competitive advantages promised by the API-driven economy, mobile and IoT.

The hybrid cloud model brings with it a unique set of challenges including the diverse range of tools and skills-sets needed, data and application integration considerations around where data resides vs application infrastructure and security considerations to make sure data is properly protected and the right people maintain control. This requires deep integration expertise to design and implement effective architectures that will support secure, loosely-coupled, API-driven application services as they shift from private cloud to public cloud models and a combination there-of.

Smarter with Gartner: Hybrid Integration to Empower Digital Transformation

Solving the SaaS Puzzle

Stealth IT projects are contributing to the rapid increase in the number of SaaS apps in organizations today as departments and teams looked to drive increased efficiency and productivity through the myriad of SaaS apps available today including Oracle ERP, Oracle CRM, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Salesforce, WorkDay, Box, Jira, Concur, DocuSign, Marketo and Webex. However, it is important to recognize that in the rush to subscribe to new SaaS services, organizations are finding inherent challenges in bringing SaaS solutions into their existing application eco-system.

Connectivity Benchmark Report (2018) This independent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, sample size 650 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs), shared some startling numbers. 1020 average number of different, individual applications respondents think are in use in their organization; 29% average percentage of applications that respondents’ organizations currently integrate/connect together. These figures highlight two things. First, integration continues to pose a challenge for most organizations. Second, there is still a huge opportunity for organizations to increase business efficiency and innovate by integrating and connecting more of their applications. The vast majority (89%) of ITDMs believed that integration challenges are slowing or hindering digital transformation in their organization. In fact, 81% said point-to-point integration had created the biggest IT headaches they had seen.

Critical Success Factors for Cloud Integration

Rubicon Red understands the factors critical to integration in this hybrid model and we are excited to leverage our API-Driven Reference Architecture and core integration expertise, to help our customers modernize their IT environments. To be successful, every cloud integration project must consider these key areas:

  • API Management and Agile Development
  • Risk Management, Governance and Compliance
  • Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • Management & Monitoring

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Cloud Integration

Rubicon Red Specializes in Oracle Cloud Integration

  • Integration Cloud

    Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple and powerful cloud-based integration platform designed to perform integrations between cloud-based applications – but also has capabilities to performing integrations with your on-premise applications.

  • SOA Cloud

    SOA Cloud Service (SOACS) provides an iPaaS computing platform for running Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus and Integration Analytics in the cloud to develop and deploy API’s and integration projects and provide real-time analytics.

  • API Platform Cloud

    API Platform Cloud Service (APICS) facilitates the creation of APIs that expose the functionality of backend systems and services. You can build, secure, deploy, publish, consume and monitor your APIs with it's intuitive user interface.

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Ryan Klose, General Manager, IT, National Pharmacies discusses the new digital experience they have implemented for their 350,000 members, using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, integrating to a variety of SaaS apps and on-premise apps using Oracle SOA and API Gateway.

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