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Data driven solutions to give you access to all your data

Unify your data and deliver it in real time to provide trusted insights at your fingertips

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Make Better Decisons, Faster

Seamless digital experience

Trusted data is crucial for real-time business

Every decision should start with data you can rely on...
Is the lack of access to trusted data holding your business back?


Is slow access to trusted data slowing you down?

  • Group 629 Is slow access to your data forcing you to wait before making critical decisions?
  • Group 629 Do you waste time on repetitive manipulation of data in spreadsheets?
  • Group 629 Is out of date or bad quality data increasing operational risk?
  • Group 629 Are you struggling to securely share data inside and outside the enterprise?

Data engineering solutions for real-time business

Data-driven solutions streamline business processes and help you make decisions in real-time, which reduces your costs and delivers better digital experiences for your customers.  Our data engineering experts can help you set up your data platform, integrate all your data and build data-driven applications.



Unify your data with a single platform for many types of data workloads, eliminating the need for different services. Providing one copy of your data – a single source of truth – to all your data users.



Provide smart data pipelines to enable batch and continuous ingestion of structured and semi-structured data into your data platform. Ensuring data consumers operate on data that is fresh and in-sync.


Data-Driven Applications

Deliver applications powered by unified data in real-time to improve customer experiences, increase operational efficiency and enable better decisions.

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Best of breed data platform partners

We work with the finest technology to deliver best of breed, data-driven solutions.

Why work with Rubicon Red?

We understand business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost-effectively use the growing volumes of data to provide timely, actionable insights that add real business value.

We care about helping you deliver data-driven solutions that your business and customers will love.

  • Group 630 More than 100 happy customers
  • Group 630 Certified data platform expertise in StreamSets, AWS and Snowflake
  • Group 630 Hundreds of data driven solutions delivered
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Deliver your data platform faster


01 Define

Data Platform Roadmap

We get to know your organisation, your unique vision and challenges. Then we define a solution roadmap to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a data platform for your unique business needs.


02 Implement

Your Data Platform

We work in collaboration to implement your tailor-made solution. Our Product-Centric approach allows your data platform to continually adapt to your needs, whilst delivering on time and budget.


03 Go Live

With Solution your Business Loves

Launch your new data platform and experience increased customer and user satisfaction. We will provide ongoing support as well as continued enhancements as required.

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How we can help


Advisory Service

Quickly identify your unique vision and challenges. Then provide a roadmap to incrementally deliver a data platform tailored to your unique business needs.


Delivery Services

Our Implementation services span the complete software development lifecycle to deliver and support your data platform and integrations.


Managed Service

Comprehensive 24x7 operational support service. Designed to manage, monitor and maintain the reliability and operational availability of your data platform and integrations


Solution as a Service

Delivers a custom data platform  as a shrink-wrapped cloud-based service under a fixed monthly subscription fee.


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The need for trusted, real-time data

Combining data sets, consisting of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources has always been complex, however, the problem is only getting worse as the amount and velocity of data being generated by people, organizations, government agencies and now “things”, is growing rapidly.

Organisations that can effectively make use of their customer and operational data and combine it with external data sources, can use it as the basis for innovation, business agility and real-time decision-making through artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to improve effectiveness, reduce risk and drive new sources of revenue.

Rubicon Red's best practice approach to building a data platform that allows organizations to rapidly connect their data sources in a standardized way, reducing the initial cost of implementation plus ongoing operational costs, whilst providing the flexibility to quickly adapt to future needs.

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