Data Platforms

We deliver enterprise data platforms to give your teams fast, secure, governed access to all their data - democratizing your data and providing a platform for collaboration.

Organisations are drowning in an explosion of structured and unstructured data and escalating data loads. They are struggling to manage a raft of different tools/platforms and deal with users complaining about data access and latency. Rubicon Red helps you deliver data management platforms so your team has fast, secure, governed access to all their data - democratizing your data and providing a platform for collaboration.  We work with leading technology vendors including Amazon,  Snowflake and Upsolver to deliver your data platform. Your users will love it, and your business will thrive. 

An explosion of data

With the explosion of so many different types of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) organisations have too many distributed sources of data in disparate silos - it’s expensive and tedious to manage, it’s not securely available to those that want access to all the data and there is a big struggle with data availability and latency. Data science teams have a raft of new requirements - a broad array of data types, new types of analytics, enabling robust and automated data pipelines, securely sharing data, developing data applications, and scaling effortlessly to accommodate ever-increasing analytic workloads.  With the proliferation of data from so many sources, teams struggle with data quality and consistency issues, security and governance.


The need for an enterprise data platform

We understand that the process of getting access to all your different data sources together and organised can be daunting. You need an integrated open data platform to support all your different workloads (slow-moving bulk data, fast-moving streaming data), provide secured governed access to all types of data, instant and near-infinite performance and scalability and a zero maintenance and cost-effective service providing democratized access to your data for your data engineers, data scientists and BAs.  

With extensive experience in integration, Rubicon Red is uniquely placed to help you deliver a high-quality open data platform to provide a strong foundation for rapid analytics.  Our capabilities include batch, micro-batch and real-time data movements, DataOps for management of ingestion, integration and utilization of data and commoditization and democratization of your organisational data assets.   

The need for an enterprise data platform

We work with leading data platform vendors

We work with best in class data platform vendors Snowflake, Amazon and Upsolver to deliver data platforms as a critical part of your cloud architecture.

Snowflake unlocks the full potential of data warehousing in the cloud and offers customers flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights. 

Using AWS businesses of all sizes and across all industries can take advantage of data and analytics technologies and easily collect, store, process, analyze, and share their data.

Upsolver unlocks the value of your AWS data lake by automating labour-intensive data engineering work. Effortlessly build perfect data pipelines with nothing but a visual interface and the SQL you already know.


3-Step Plan to Democratizing your Data

Our 3-step plan gives your team secure, governed access to on-demand data processing and analytics to democratize your data and help your business thrive, with no fuss or hassle, at a minimal cost.

  • Design your data platform - We define a data platform specifically tailored to your needs that addresses capturing and processing all your data including cleansing, modelling, cataloging, governing and securing your data to enable fast, governed secure for all your users ready for them to gain insights.
  • Implement your data platform - We work in close collaboration with your key stakeholders, data architects and data scientists to implement your data platform and pilot some key use-cases.
  • Go Live with on-demand data processing and analytics that your team will love - Give your team access to all their data in a secure, governed way so they can make the informed decisions you need for your business to thrive. 
Democratizing your data

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