Intelligent Automation

We rapidly deliver intelligent automation solutions that power the connected enterprise and integrate the digital value chain.

With our extensive experience in integration and BPM, Rubicon Red is uniquely placed to rapidly deliver intelligent automation and robotic process automation solutions. Rubicon Red uses Product-Centric, Cloud Native and DevOps best practices to deliver process automation solutions that power the connected enterprise and integrate the digital value chain.

More than just buzz words

With focus on customer-centricity and the need for organisations to differentiate themselves through better, simplified customer experiences, technologies such as Dynamic Process Management, Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation are not just in vogue buzz words, they offer signficant benefits for organisations looking to automate and optimise their processes across the digital value chain.

Modern automation solutions enable orchestration of activities across people, systems, robots and things (IoT), making it easier than ever before to deliver personalised, repeatable, self-service processes for customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, organisations can implement smart processes that automate routine, repetitive tasks and processes, remove organisational silos, eliminate errors and lower costs by seamlessly connecting people and systems to complete processes faster and scale business processes.

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Intelligent automation is key for simplified customer self-service

As customers look to do more for themselves and demand more simplified self-service user-experiences, more and more organisational processes are ripe for automation across every industry including financial services, utilities, health, education retail, local government and public sector. Examples include:

  • job/work requests
  • approvals
  • collecting data
  • transferring information between departments/agencies
  • transforming paper-based processes
  • workflows and intelligent routing
  • case management
  • operating procedures/checklists.
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With sophisticated intelligent automation solutions customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike can have the simplified digital experience they need to find their own answers and complete their own transactions, ideally, without ever needing to speak to a person or, if needed, making that transition as seamless as possible.

Process automation provides end-to-end visiblity through process dashboards and analytics into both real-time process execution as well as cumulative process activity, providing insights needed to optimise and further refine processes over time.

Rubicon Red partners with best-of-breed process and automation vendors including Oracle and Workato. A great example of an end to end solution developed by Rubicon Red on the Workato platform is our 'Trial to Subscription' solution. Check it out for more details and request a demo today.

Robotic Process Automation

The recent rise of robotic process automation technologies adds to the list of use-cases a broad spectrum of any repetitive tasks that have typically not been ripe for automation due to the inaccessibility of APIs or system interfaces. Robotic process automation uses robots to emulate the actions of a human interacting with systems to execute a task or process, using the user interface to capture data and manipulate systems just like humans. RPA robots can mimic many human actions:

  • logging into apps
  • moving and copying files/folders
  • copying and pasting data
  • completing forms
  • extracting data
  • scraping browsers.

These capabilities have opened up many additional opportunities for automation where APIs may not feature for this purpose - think of data migration, validation, automated testing. Rubicon Red has selected UiPath for best of breed Robotic Process Automation.

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Specialist Automation capabilities

Our specialist team can deliver on the broad spectrum of intelligent automation solutions including dynamic process management, process automation and robotic process automation using best of breed technologies from our global technology partners. Our capabilities include:

  • Process analysis and design
  • Development of rich forms and/or messaging interfaces
  • Implementation of intelligent routing and smart workflows
  • Embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Creation of dashboards and analytics
  • Optimisation and iterative process refinement based on business priorities

Rubicon Red uses agile product-centric, cloud native, DevOps best practices to rapidly deliver innovative solutions, at reduced cost with reduced risk. Contact us today to learn how to get started implementing your process automation solution


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