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Intelligent Document Processing

Go way beyond OCR and leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate your document workflows today.

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Reduce Operational Cost

Improve Compliance

Improve Customer Experience

Use Artificial Intelligence to Process Documents in Seconds...

Drive process innovation by automating document processing and removing processing bottlenecks.
Deliver advanced AI/ML solutions with minimal investment in talent and infrastructure. 


Legacy Document Processing is Bad for Business

  • icon-cross Is manual document processing time-consuming and expensive?
  • icon-cross Do long processing times result in a poor customer experience?
  • Group 629 Does inconsistent processing require additional compliance checks?
  • icon-cross Is your OCR solution only able to cope with simple documents?

Shrink Document Processing from Days to Seconds

Intelligent Document Integration & Processing (IDIP), enables you to fully automate the end to end processing of your documents, including PDFs and scanned images to easily process large volumes.  IDIP leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, to extract and understand data from a wide range of semi-structured documents with varying layouts, for example, purchase orders, invoices, insurance claims and payslips.

Once extracted, IDIP can fully automate the end to end processing of each document, including workflow based approvals as well as straight through processing to automatically push data into your various IT systems, including Finance, CRM and HCM.


Operational Costs

Reduce process costs and cycle times, improve scalability, and enhance end-to-end business process performance.


Increase Compliance

Standardise document processing and increase oversight, while reducing dependency on back-office teams.


Improve Customer Experience

Streamline customer facing processes to deliver a simplified and compelling user experience that your customers love.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We understand business is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost effectively deliver software solutions that add real business value.

We care about helping you deliver intelligent automation solutions that your business and customers will love.

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Intelligent Document Processing and Integration is built on the AWS cloud and leverages a number of the AWS Machine Learning services, including Textract, Comprehend and Rekognition to automatically extract and understand the content of your documents. This is combined with an integration framework that allows extracted data to be automatically pushed straight through to your applications with no need for human intervention.

The solution also includes a human workflow framework that allows you to easily incorporate human tasks into the process, for example, to approve an invoice for processing, before pushing it through to your finance system.


Process Integration and Automation

Extracting data from documents is just a step in a business process. With IDIP you can easily integrate intelligent document processing into your existing workflows.

Or leverage AWS Step Functions to quickly build out end to end processes.


Built in Human Review

Easily implement human review of text extracted from documents. Allows for quick and easy correction.

IDIP learns from Human in the Loop reviews, as more documents are processed, less Human Reviews are required.


500+ Connectors for Enterprise Apps

500+ connectors for cloud and on-premise apps, enabling you to quickly integrate extracted data with your systems, including:

  • Databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL)
  • ERP (e.g. EBusiness, SAP, Netsuite)
  • CRM (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot) 
  • ServiceNow, WorkDay

Classification and Routing

Automated classification of document type based on content, enabling each document to be routed to the appropriate workflow.

Supports multiple documents in a single file, IDIP can automatically split the file into separate documents, allowing each document to be processed appropriately.


Document Search

Provides a powerful and modern search experience against metadata and document content to enable users to quickly identify and locate the right documents.

API based integration allows intelligent document search to be quickly embeded into your applications.


Handwriting and Signature Support

Can extract text from documents that contain a mix of typed, handwritten text and check boxes.

Signature presence detection allows you to automatically validate that documents have been correctly signed.

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Why Intelligent Document Processing is Great for Business

Each year organisations dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to processing documents (physical or electronic), much of this requires employees to manually churn through documents, extracting information and keying into their enterprise applications. This is slow and error-prone, which leads to cost, control, and quality issues as well as worker dissatisfaction. Even worse, it introduces process issues and bottlenecks that often result in poor customer experience.

Whilst some organisations have attempted to automate this with OCR technologies (Optical Character Recognition), results have been limited due to OCR’s inability to cope with non-standard formats and semi-structured data, resulting in most companies reverting back to manual processing.

Recent advances in innovative AI-driven automation capabilities (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (ML) is game-changing, enabling organisations to fully automate documents processing. Yet, building AI/ML solutions can be complex and require significant investment in talent and infrastructure.

Rubicon Red’s Intelligent Document Processing and Integration(IDIP) solutions allow organisations to rapidly and cost-effectively automate the end to end processing of documents, including workflow-based approvals as well as straight-through processing to push the data into your various IT systems, including ERP, CRM and HCM.

IDIP utilises multiple Amazon AI/ML tools with other components such as integration and workflow-based approvals, meaning it is quick and easy to get up and running and is a fraction of the cost of more traditional pre-packaged solutions.

Businesses are under pressure to deliver a simplified and compelling experience to their customers whilst at the same time cutting costs.  Intelligent document processing will allow you to reduce operational costs and deliver a streamlined experience that your customers will love.

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