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The journey is the reward. – Chinese Proverb

December 21, 2009

[bs_lead]We'd like to formally introduce ourselves, we are Rubicon Red.[/bs_lead]

rr-logoIf you follow SOA Governance then it's nice to meet you and we look forward to spending a lot more time together. Our goal is to develop the most intuitive and automated SOA Governance solution in the universe. However, we need to feed our family too - so we are also working on some very cool projects with customers who understand the value that SOA can bring to business.

We understand that in order to make it the best in the universe we need a big partner to work with - that partner is Oracle - the worlds largest enterprise software company. Technically speaking we aren't partners yet, and frankly Oracle isn't going to post any press releases about working with us. However we will leverage some of their technologies to create a software manufacturing process that scales with quality and transparency.

Just a little bit about the name Rubicon Red...

Rubicon - "Crossing the Rubicon" is a popular phrase that means passing a point of no return. It is basically about committing to a course of action. We think that the role of IT is changing, and it's fast becoming a place for innovation and differentiation for companies willing to make the necessary leap from traditional to contemporary. We've seen the positive impact that course of action has on organizations.

Red - we plan to deliver our capability on the Red (Oracle) stack.