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Five Minutes with John Deeb

In our next installment in the series, I spend Five Minutes with John Deeb, CEO, Rubicon Red. He shares his thinking around AI and Machine Learning and what it means for the next generation of applications and customer experiences. You can listen to the podcast on YouTube. 

1. What is top of mind for you in terms of innovation and business transformation?

For the last 20 years we've been talking about 'speed to market' and delivering business value quickly. This has been improving gradually until now ... we are on the cusp of an order of magnitude shift for delivering innovation through technology. We are already seeing the impact if customers don't factor these innovations into their business.

2. What do you see as the key technology enablers to achieve ongoing innovation/transformation over the next 12-24 months?

New technologies are changing the way we interact with application functionality and data. For so long, we've been limited by traditional input methods - we've had to provide finite sets of input in order to get what we want out of applications. Think menu options, drop downs, our applications struggled to manage context. With AI and Machine learning we've broken that barrier - now context can be derived and learnt. This will be a game changer for how applications and customer experiences are built.

3. Can you share your current favorite transformation or innovation example?

In our business we are constantly working with our consultants and devops engineers to ensure time sheets are completed by start of business Monday and are accurate. This is difficult when you have a global team but critical to the business when time sheets drive accounts receivable. Using Oracle Intelligent Bots Cloud Service we now remind our team daily but check if they completed their time sheets the day before, if they haven't we analyse their past time sheet data including the forecasted time and predict their time sheet. Now they simply respond 'yes' and the time sheet system is updated automatically. We are already seeing completion rates consistently at 100%.

4. What guidance would you give to customers as they navigate or start this transformation journey?

Having been in technology for so long, I'm a big believer in learning from others. We've always tried to help customers along their transformation journey, by taking the experience we've had in emerging technologies and building on the success and learning from the failures of the past. So, we would always recommend customers find a partner to help them through this journey. It really does pay off to have the support at the beginning.

5. What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco at the moment?

There are so many places to choose from, but for the last few years I've been sure to go to Tropisueno Mexican Kitchen, it is literally right next to Moscone. Amazing food and a great atmosphere.

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube | FiveMinutesWith Playlist.

You can see the rest of the blog series here.

Jules @ Rubicon Red
Manager, Marketing and Events

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