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Five Minutes with Amit Zavery

Kicking off the first in our new series, I was lucky enough to catch up with Amit Zavery at Oracle OpenWorld - I hope you enjoy his insights as much as I did! You may also like to listen to the podcast on Digital Impact Radio or YouTube.

1. What is top of mind for you in terms of innovation and business transformation for you/your customers?

I think the big thing a lot of customers are facing right now is how do they do things faster. How do they take the latest innovations and technologies that are coming up like IoT, BigData or the newer things like Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and how does it impact their applications and their businesses. They want to make sure when they incorporate these things they don’t have to do a re-write of everything. So how do they absorb and get this next generation technology in to their applications and not have to reinvest all the work they have done before. That’s the number one question customers are asking us – how do you move forward without re-writing everything? There are a lot of other channels coming up as well - messaging based services, where people want to use message services instead of a web app or mobile app. So how do you expose your enterprise data to all those different users who might be interfacing to your business through a different channel? You don’t want to re-write your app but you still want to expose your data and absorb new channels as well. And the journey to the cloud is the same thing for them. Many have invested so much in their applications today on-premise, they want to take pieces of it and move to the cloud in the manner and timeframe they would like, instead of having to completely transform everything at the same time.

2. What do you see as the key technology enablers to achieve ongoing innovation/transformation over the next 12-24 months?

Some of the things we are doing in terms of providing managed services. At OpenWorld, Larry announced the autonomous database, which is this idea where it is becoming more SaaS like, as well as fully operational – fully backed up, fully upgraded. So the issues you might face when you are running your system, where you might forget to patch something or you are behind with versions, it becomes very difficult to keep up with newer technologies. So providing a fully managed, autonomous service, which is running at a global scale, is a big technology shift where the cost associated with that, when you are running that yourself as an enterprise, vs a company like Oracle providing this as an end to end system. It is a big difference - where we can scale it, we can operate it, as well as make sure it is secured, highly available and globally reachable. We can get economies of scale, where individual enterprises cannot. That is really the big underlying shift now, where we are seeing a lot of value for our customers.

3. Can you share your current favorite transformation/innovation example?

We are seeing many companies going through this transformation. For example Subaru, a large automobile customer, they are moving from traditional cars to autonomous vehicles, and they need a platform where you can collect a lot of the data, where you can scale out based on the demand from the car telematics. So we have been helping them with their cloud journey and this telematics journey, where they are transforming their company but we are providing all the underlying Oracle Cloud infrastructure and the platform to make it all operational and work, easy to adopt and easy to deliver. It is a very powerful process they are going through. The company is changing, we are helping them change and they are at the forefront of innovation.

4. What guidance would you give to customers as they navigate/start this transformation journey?

Anytime you are transforming or going down this path, find a project that makes sense. Don’t try and bite off too much, find a good partner who you can help you implement it. There are a lot of technologies being thrown around, find a vendor who future proofs your investment, otherwise you can pick all these shiny new objects and then you have to throw it away, because something else came along and that one was not compatible. You want to have a vendor who has looked at it for years, and who understands what it takes to run things today, what it takes to run in the future, and future proofs your investments. That is an important element to any decision you make.

5. What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco/Bay Area at the moment?

Quite a few, the Bay Area is very cosmopolitan, and you get lots of variety. The restaurant next door, near Moscone, “mourad”, is Moroccan cuisine - very, very well done, great food, great atmosphere!

You can listen to the podcast on Digital Impact Radio | YouTube | FiveMinutesWith Playlist.

You can see the rest of the blog series here.

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