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Five Minutes with Gary Buffington

Always a pleasure to catch-up Gary Buffington, Executive Vice President, AVIO Consulting. As one of the founding members of the Red Expert Alliance (REAL), we work closely with AVIO Consulting. You can listen to the podcast on YouTube here.

1. What is top of mind for you in terms of innovation and business transformation for your customers?

One of the biggest things we see is around connectivity, you can call it integration, but I like connectivity. I see that as something that is going to be a continued theme for the next 24 months, if not longer. Customers are seeing the business impact of integration, especially for the ways they can monetize either through an API or other strategies where they can create business value or other streams of revenue.

2. What do you see as the key technology enablers to achieve ongoing innovation/transformation over the next 12-24 months?

From our perspective we see Integration Cloud Service being a primary player. The API Platform Cloud Service is going to play strongly there as well. We feel that Process Cloud will give business more freedom to design and build true business value processes. Those are the three big ones.

3. Can you share your current favorite transformation or innovation example?

We have a customer that is evaluating techniques, they do medical rides - so if you have a situation where you need to get from point A to a medical facility – not ambulatory care because it is not that precise, but it still provides a service to a large group of people. They are looking at partnering with the likes of Lyft to deliver quality transportation services - so we are working with them to develop an API strategy that will allow them to open up some of their back-end systems and let Lyft or another ride share program work pretty seamlessly with their systems.

4. What guidance would you give to customers as they navigate or start this transformation journey?

One of the biggest things I’d say, you’ve got to have a couple of things in mind. If you want to get cloud speed you have to invest on the cloud side from a practice or process standpoint - I’m thinking more DevOps. But the other side of this, is that the business community is starting to wrap their heads around what they can do with the cloud, how they might be able to monetize it in ways that really drive innovation quickly. So, the partnership between IT and business that is sometimes frayed, will need to get much more healthy to be productive. We personally take the stance that working with a partner like AVIO or Rubicon Red helps drive that continuity and vision much more quickly. So we see ourselves as a valuable part of that solution.

5. What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco at the moment?

There are so many good places out here. The only place I’ve eaten at twice in this short week is called the House of Nanking, it is a very small bar – you can’t make reservations, you don’t even get to choose much off the menu – you just get to choose chicken, beef or shrimp and they bring stuff out. We went back because we love it so much and it’s a tradition every year!

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube here | FiveMinutesWith Playlist.

You can see the rest of the blog series here.

Jules @ Rubicon Red
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