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MyST 5.0 Now Available


We are very excited to announce a major new release of our DevOps solution, Rubicon Red MyST.   MyST version 5.0 is now available introducing lots of great new features and improvements to streamline DevOps for your Oracle Middleware, importantly, making it super easy to migrate environments to the cloud and upgrade to SOA 12c! Check out the blogs for all the details - What’s New in MyST 5.0.

Continuous Delivery Release Pipeline

MyST 5.0 Release Pipelines allows you to quickly establish a standardized and repeatable process for managing the deployment and promotion of Oracle Middleware applications and platform configurations through each stage of the Software Delivery Pipeline.  Release Pipelines enables you to combine multiple applications into a single pipeline, as well as manage a release that spans multiple production WebLogic domains.  The Release Pipeline Dashboard provides a ‘single pane of glass’ to monitor and manage the promotion of application changes and platform configuration changes through staging environments and into Production.

Platform Introspection

MyST allows you to introspect and capture the configuration of an existing WebLogic domain and use that to generate an equivalent Platform Blueprint. To create a Platform Blueprint based on an existing WebLogic domain, we simply point MyST at the servers hosting the WebLogic domain; MyST will introspect the domain and create a corresponding Platform Blueprint. This supports a number of use cases, including:

  • Lift and Shift to the Cloud - We can introspect an existing 11g/12c environment and then use MyST to provision an equivalent environment to the cloud.
  • Side-By-Side Upgrade - We can introspect an existing 11g environment, extract the key configuration information and then use this to automatically provision an equivalent 12c environment in minutes.
  • Replicate PROD Environment - We can introspect an existing 11g/12c environment, for example Production and then use this to provision equivalent non-prod environments (e.g. DEV, SIT, UAT, PRE), and thus quickly ensure all environments are identically configured and eliminate configuration drift.

Platform Blueprint Upgrade

Side-by-Side Upgrades made simple:  Rubicon Red MyST provides a simple and automated process for side-by-side upgrades. MyST allows you to introspect an existing 11g environment, extract the key configuration information and then use this to automatically provision an equivalent 12c environment in minutes. When performing a side-by-side upgrade, you simply point MyST at an existing 11g environment, MyST will introspect the platform instance and create a corresponding 11g Platform Blueprint. Next, just specify the Oracle Middleware 12c version required. MyST will automatically convert the blueprint to one that is compliant with the Oracle Enterprise Deployment Guide for SOA 12c, whilst preserving your 11g configurations. Finally, specify the target environment(s), for the new SOA 12c domain. Then at the click of a button, MyST will automatically provision an equivalent 12c Oracle Middleware platform.

Platform Lifecycle Enhancements 

This release introduces key new enhancements to provide more control over platform updates, specifically versioning scheme and state.  MyST uses a declarative approach to automation, meaning users simply define the target state of the Oracle Middleware infrastructure to be deployed; which, at the push of a button, is automatically provisioned in minutes by MyST. Within MyST, the target state is captured in the “platform definition”, which is divided into two layers (i) Platform Blueprint and (ii) Platform Model.  This declarative approach to defining target state enables MyST to treat Oracle Middleware infrastructure as code.  Platform Blueprints and Models are put under version control, allowing us to easily propose, review, test, promote and deploy configuration changes. This means incremental configuration changes are simple to make and propagate across all environments. We just update the required target state; MyST will determine and perform the required steps to apply the necessary changes.

Additional New Features

This major release includes many other new features including:

  • OBIEE 12 Support: Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) 12.2.1 and are now supported by MyST Studio and MyST Command Line Interface version 5.0.
  • BAM Artifact Deployment: For Oracle BAM users, deployment of BAM (12.2.x) artifacts is now supported by MyST Studio and MyST Command Line Interface.
  • MFT, B2B Artifact Deployment: MyST Studio now supports important new SOA 12c features Managed File Transfer and B2B artifact deployment.
  • SAF Support: MyST now supports the automatic configuration of Store and Forward (SAF) providers to make integration with external JMS providers or enabling Web Services Reliable Messaging that much easier.
  • Work managers support
  • Archiva is now supported: We have certified support for Archiva Binary Repository in MyST Studio. We now have support for the three main Maven repositories in the market: Archiva, Artifactory and Nexus.

About Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red offers organizations a set of innovative and market leading DevOps, cloud and consulting solutions for Oracle Middleware. A Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Rubicon Red is recognized as a global thought leader, delivering innovation and unrivaled expertise, with focus on Cloud, DevOps and 12c Migration.

Founded in 2009, by two former senior executives from Oracle product management, Rubicon Red's mission is to lead customers on their Oracle Middleware journey. The origin of our name “Rubicon Red”, is derived from helping customers “cross the Rubicon”, in their successful adoption of Oracle Middleware. With offices in the US, Australia and India providing 24x7 support and development services, Rubicon Red offers a range of services to architect, deliver, maintain and host your Oracle Middleware platform.

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