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Ovum Enterprise Case Study: Using Machine Learning to Boost Service Center Customer Satisfaction


Ovum authored a case study about University of Adelaide's use of Oracle Intelligent Bots. Oracle Intelligent Bots reduced service center wait times at University of Adelaide by 97% and resulted in 60% "Awesome" rating from students.

Summary by Peter Urban, Director Analyst Relations, Oracle

Business Issue: Thousands of students flood University service center to check on admission status

The summer release of high school senior's ATAR college entrance exam results is a peak time for University of Adelaide's call center, because thousands of prospective students simultaneously enquire if they have the right grades for admission. Students were overloading the University's call center with grade requests resulting in 40 minute callcenter hold times!

Solution: Intelligent Self-Service chatbot from Oracle

With Oracle Platinum partner Rubicon Red, University of Adelaide built a natural-language Oracle chatbot which infers a users question without having to hard-code every possible question. With the introduction of the chatbot from the university's Facebook Messenger page, potential students could find out their adjusted ATAR scores in their own time, rather than sitting on hold in phone queues or waiting for an email response. Business analysts built the bot without coding. Business analysts can easily modify the bot without having to contact central IT.

Business Impact: 97% hold-time reduction, 60% "Awesome" chatbot rating

The chatbot conducted roughly 2,100 unique conversations on day one, many more than initially anticipated. The chatbot resulted in a 40% drop in calls to the university's service center. This, in turn, led to a huge reduction in the average wait time for phone calls to the service center – from an average of 40 minutes to around 90 seconds. Service center staff were therefore available to address more complex queries and handle the email backlog.

Download the full article from the Oracle website here.

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