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Rubicon Red Wins Oracle Hackathon

Rubicon Red are thrilled to be recognized as the winner of the Technology Award at the Oracle Hackathon held in Sydney last week. (#Paas4Saas #hackathonsydney)

The Hackathon at a Glance

The Hackathon was held in the Oracle Sydney office on 16-17th November, and was really well attended, with 9 partner teams from around Australia. Our team comprised of Marc Perez, Kapil Kapani, and Sonal Sharma and was led by Arun Pareek.

For the Rubicon Red team, the Hackathon was a great opportunity for hands-on learning with the Oracle Cloud Services in a friendly (yet competitive) environment, collaborating with technical experts from Oracle, and networking with other partners in our eco-system.

There were three prizes on offer:

  • People's Choice - Awarded based upon all participants voting for their favourite team.
  • Show Me The Money - Awarded to the most viable product that can be commercialised.
  • It's All About The Tech - Awarded to the most technically impressive hack.

The technical criteria for the event:

  • At least 1 SaaS Cloud Service and 1 PaaS Cloud Service
  • At least 3 Cloud Services


Our Solution

Our solution value proposition was for a Smart Energy Efficient Office that demonstrated:

  • IoT Enabled Appliances - We built sensor prototypes to show how a number of office devices can constantly stream data to an IoT Cloud Service to provide key insights and analytics to Office Administrators. The real time data can be used to understand how to improve energy efficiency.
  • Remote Device Automation - We showcased how anyone can switch-on/off a remote appliance through the tip of a finger through a mobile app. The team used the Oracle IoT Remote Asset monitoring feature in Oracle IoT Cloud Service to deliver this capability.
  • Predictive Maintenance - Our solution also demonstrated predictive maintenance when something breaks down in an office. It seamlessly integrates with Oracle Service Cloud, automatically creating an incident ticket and a detailed incident report using Oracle API Platform Cloud Service and Oracle Integration Cloud Service.
  • Real Time Device/Cost/Energy Analytics - Real time event streaming, pattern matching on streaming data and creating actionable insights that provided end users decision-making capabilities was another highlight of our solution. Our solution leveraged Stream Analytics to detect real time patterns from streaming data, coming from a number of smart appliances and devices.
  • Mobility and Mobile Application - We built two Mobile applications using Oracle JET that provided all of the comprehensive functionality above - everything from showing real time analytics to embedding Oracle Process Cloud approval screens to approve/reject requests.
  • Chatbots – We built an Intelligent Chatbot using Oracle Intelligent Chatbot Cloud Service for use by field agents to retrieve incidents from Oracle Service Cloud, help him/her create a procurement request (Oracle Cloud ERP) and create a schedule (Oracle Field Cloud Service).
  • SaaS Integration - Imagine the life of a field service agent who uses Oracle Cloud Applications. The agent has to create an incident in Oracle Service Cloud, and create an incident report based on the available knowledge and incident summary. They may also have to log into Oracle ERP Cloud to procure parts and then use Oracle Field Cloud Service to schedule technicians. This means in any given day of normal operations, field service agents have to login and use a number of different systems, requiring them to be experts in each system, as well as experts at their specific field service job at hand. In our solution, we used Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle API Platform Cloud Service to integrate with all of these separate SaaS applications. This means field service agents can seamlessly go about their work using a single mobile app to interact with all SaaS applications under the covers.


Lucky #11 - Oracle Cloud Services

Our Oracle Cloud solution included a total of 11 Oracle Cloud Services - 7 Oracle PaaS Services and 4 Oracle SaaS Services:

  • PaaS Services: Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, Oracle IoT Cloud Service, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Intelligent Chatbot Cloud Service, Oracle Process Cloud Service, Oracle Application Container Cloud Service
  • SaaS Services: Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Field Service Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud


Our Thanks

We would like to recognize all the teams that participated in the Hackathon, it was a great learning opportunity in a collaborative environment. Our team found it incredibly valuable from a hands-on learning experience, collaboration and networking.

Congratulations to the other winners:

  • People's Choice - PrimeQ
  • Show Me The Money - Neodata

Rubicon Red are thrilled to have won the Technology Award and very proud of our team – Arun, Marc, Sonal and Kapil!

We would like to acknowledge and thank the judges for their engagement and insights into what makes a great solution – Rob Willis (Regional Managing Director, Oracle), Hai To (Head of Technology Strategy, Architecture & Portfolio Management, MLC Australia), Patrick Elliot (Senior Director, Cloud Specialist Teams, Oracle), Angela Mager (Head of SaaS, Sales Consulting, Oracle), Franco Ucci (Senior Director, PaaS Sales Consulting, Oracle).

Finally, a huge thank you to the entire Oracle team - organizers, mentors and supporters including Franco Ucci, Jason Lowe, Carlos Rodriguez Iturria, David Reid, Serene Tan, Steve Tindall, Vijay Kumar Yenne, John Graves, Stuart Coggins, Helen Mounas, Danielle James, Catherine Ankeshian, and special guest visiting from Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, Nathan Angstadt.

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