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Simplifying Integration with the Cloud

Matt Wright talks with Oracle about the new Salesforce Adapter

Oracle has announced this week the release of the Oracle Cloud Adapters for the Oracle SOA Suite, whilst integration with the cloud applications such as Salesforce was already achievable through the SOA Suite, the use of the adapters dramatically simplify and reduce the development effort to implement integration between cloud and on-premise applications.

The Oracle Press Release quotes Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red, and Oracle Gold Partner as saying that the “Oracle Cloud Adapter for is a ‘game changer’ addition to Oracle’s comprehensive set of integration adapters. With the Oracle Cloud Adapter for, Oracle has reduced the cost and complexity of integrating applications with a simplified and unified approach.”

Another key area addressed by the Cloud Adapters, is the set-up and configuration of secure connectivity to cloud based applications. Historically, when implementing purely on-premise integration, organisations security requirements have not been overly onerous. As soon as integration goes beyond the firewall, then security requirements become more stringent, which has acted a serious road-block to integration with external systems.

As more of an organisations application move to the cloud, the ability to rapidly and securely integrate on-premise apps with the cloud becomes increasingly critical for an organisation to do business. The Oracle Cloud adapters have just made this a whole lot simpler.

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