Rubicon Red's Leadership Team

  • Matt Wright

    Matt Wright

    CEO and Co-founder

    Matt Wright is the CEO and co-founder of Rubicon Red. Matt believes digital technology provides the catalyst to reimagine the art of the possible in driving business transformation. With this goal in mind, Matt works closely with his leadership team to deliver on Rubicon Red's mission of helping our customers ‘cross the Rubicon’ in their successful adoption and application of digital technologies. Matt’s focus is on providing customers with a lean and agile digital operating model that enables them to innovate quickly and continuously evolve their ideas into compelling digital experiences, delivering outcomes rapidly, in a low risk and cost-effective way.

    In his previous capacity as both CTO and Product Manager for Rubicon Red MyST, Matt became an avid proponent of product-centric delivery, as a proven method for iterative, customer focused innovation to rapidly deliver solutions with flexibility to keep evolving, based on customer feedback and changing requirements. Under his guidance, MyST is now the leading DevOps tool for Oracle Cloud, evolving from an on-premise model to a SaaS-based subscription model, offering DevOps capabilities for a range of open source technologies.

    Prior to Rubicon Red, Matt held various senior roles within Oracle, including Director of Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware in APAC, where he was responsible for working with organisations to educate and enable them in revealing the full business benefits of integration in enabling the digital value chain. Author of several books and a regular speaker at events, Matt is a specialist in and passionate exponent of DevOps, Cloud Native Development and API driven integration. Matt holds a B.Sc. (Eng) in Computer Science from Imperial College, University of London.

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  • John Kirk

    John Kirk

    General Manager, Sales

    John’s role is General Manager - Sales, accountable for establishment and execution of the growth strategy of Rubicon Red. John brings cross-functional experience in client-side, professional services and business development leadership roles, with a strong focus on mutually beneficial client relationships, a commitment to align team efforts with strategic objectives and making sure customers are delighted through managing expectations and superior service. John holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, an MSc in Bioinformatics from Manchester University, BSc in Genetics, diploma in Computer Science, and is a qualified PRINCE2 practitioner.

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  • DJ Munuswamy

    DJ Munuswamy

    General Manager, Delivery and India Operations

    DJ is the General Manager of Delivery with responsibility for the design and delivery of all Rubicon Red offerings to our customers. DJ sets the strategy for aligning Rubicon Red's development and operations teams with the latest capabilities to maximise automation and efficiencies in delivering our services. DJ’s passion is in application of technology to solve business problems. This has led him to play technical advisory role for some of our key customers. DJ loves working with people and giving them opportunities to challenge themselves. DJ holds Masters in Business Administration from University of Queensland and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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  • Elise Sharkey

    Elise Sharkey

    Business Operations Manager

    Elise Sharkey is Business Operations Manager at Rubicon Red and supports the strategy and operations of the business by driving innovation and continuous improvement in internal systems and process across functional areas. Elise is responsible for business operations, people and culture, and finance, focusing on aligning employee efforts to achieve a high-performance culture and strong business outcomes. She has over 10 years of experience in operations, HR Management and Recruiting. Elise has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Human Resources Management from Deakin University where she was also a Member of Golden Key International Honours Society.

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  • Sushil Vishwanathan

    Sushil Vishwanathan

    General Manager, Technology

    Sushil Vishwanathan is one of the founding members of Rubicon Red India. He is the General Manager, Technology and is responsible for driving the overall technology direction of the company. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and is passionate about technology in any form and in any domain, EAI, SOA, Java EE, Angular, DevOps, Cloud. Sushil loves working with people and collaborating with them to foster a strong work culture. He is extremely passionate about innovation and believes strongly in the open source community. He leads all initiatives from the front and is looked up to as a natural thought leader across various technology paradigms. Sushil holds a Bachelors in Engineering from Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India.

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  • Juliana Button

    Juliana Button

    Marketing Manager

    Juliana brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing, product management and technology to her role as Marketing Manager for Rubicon Red. Juliana's primary focus is to continually increase brand awareness and thought leadership for Rubicon Red and drive business outcomes in alignment with the Rubicon Red business strategy. Since joining Rubicon Red in 2016, Juliana has established a customer centred, agile marketing strategy aligned to Rubicon Red's mission in helping our customers ‘cross the Rubicon’ in their successful adoption and application of digital technologies.

    Juliana is passionate about highlighting and sharing customer success. Prior to joining Rubicon Red, Juliana worked for Oracle in both the United States and Asia Pacific, in the key areas of Application Development, Integration and Middleware, most recently as Director of Product Management, Oracle Fusion Middleware. Juliana holds a Bachelor of Business Information Systems from the University of South Australia.

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  • Soumyak Bhattacharyya

    Soumyak Bhattacharyya

    Practice Manager

    Soumyak Bhattacharyya is one of the founding members of Rubicon Red India. An inspirational leader, he helped establish the offshore capability of Rubicon Red and is currently in the role of Practice Manager, leading a young team of vibrant and enthusiastic technologists. He is an experienced technologist, with over 14 years experience delivering bespoke solutions, and has a passion for the ideation, design and delivery of high quality Cloud Native solutions. During his career, Soumyak has proven himself as a well versed Engineering Lead, building products in the DevOps space and he has brought his wealth of experience to the fore playing a major role in improving the DevOps practices at Rubicon Red, leading to a highly productive and efficient delivery capability. Souymak is recognised as a thought leader both internally and externally and is a regular speaker at local meetups. Soumyak has a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering from University of Kalyani.

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  • Rakesh Js

    Rakesh JS

    Practice Manager

    Rakesh JS is a Technology Leader within Rubicon Red and plays a pivotal role in leading various technical domains and people. He has more than a decade of experience in architecting and building innovative solutions across enterprise and open source technology stacks. Rakesh is an experienced integration specialist who has worked with a range of diverse organizations across a number of COTS applications, System Software, Cloud applications and more recently on the new wave of Bots and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Rakesh is deeply passionate about building a collaborative, innovative mindset and a culture of automation within Rubicon Red. Rakesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from University of Pune.

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  • Brett Lomas

    Brett Lomas

    Practice Manager, Consulting

    Brett Lomas is Practice Manager for Consulting at Rubicon Red. Since joining Rubicon Red in 2012 as a Principal Consultant Brett has worked with customers to build effective solutions across a broad range of technologies and industries. A number of these customers have been recognised for their innovation award-winning solutions. Brett leads a team of Consultants who lead our customers to successful outcomes by leveraging our collective expertise, experience and thought leadership. Prior to Rubicon Red, Brett worked in both Oracle and BEA Sales Consulting teams and The University of Auckland as an Integration Architect. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from The University of Auckland.

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  • John Deeb

    John Deeb

    Non-Executive Director

    John Deeb is Non-Executive Director and Co-founder of Rubicon Red. As one of the company founders in 2009, John focused the company's efforts on leading customers to success in their digital transformation journeys. John has held senior product management positions at Oracle and TIBCO Software.  His areas of focus include enterprise integration, business process management, and intelligent automation.  John holds a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Queensland and a Master's degree in IT from the Queensland University of Technology.

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  • James Hemmings

    James Hemmings

    Non-Executive Director

    James Hemmings is Partner and Director of Rubicon Red. Under his leadership, Rubicon Red has experienced consistent annual revenue growth across the software and services lines of business. With over 18 years experience within the IT industry, James has a track record of consistent high performance against strategic growth objectives, with a strong belief that the customer should be at the heart of all engagements.

    James’ career accomplishments span a broad range of technology sectors including ERP/HCM/SaaS/PaaS/Cloud Computing/Integration/API/Workflow Automation/Application Development. Prior to joining Rubicon Red, James held sales leadership positions with Oracle Corporation and Technology One, where he was accountable for driving new business growth across industry verticals. James holds Bachelor of Business degree from Griffith University, Queensland, with majors in Accounting and Marketing.

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  • Murali Sid

    Murali Sid

    Non-Executive Director

    Murali Siddavatam is a Non-Executive Director of Rubicon Red. Murali has more than 20 years experience in IT, including key roles in large transformational programmes. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur who believes in simplifying technology applications to solve business problems. This has led him to be involved in a number of tech start-ups which he continues to support and mentor today. Under Murali’s leadership, Rubicon Red established a successful and sustained delivery centre in India, capable of servicing customers in all geographical regions. Murali brings a particular strength of developing teams, culture, and values. In particular the attributes of professionalism and quality that we and our customer's value. Murali holds Masters of Technology from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Karnataka India.

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