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MyST 2.4.2 Released: Support for Oracle Identity & Access Management

March 18, 2014

MyST Rubicon Red are pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.2 of MyST, the leading delivery automation tool for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Applications. The MyST platform combines the automated Install and Configuration of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform, with the automated Build, Deployment and Configuration of code artefacts to the FMW platform across all phases of the software development life-cycle, reducing the cost of FMW application development, accelerating application time to market and bridging the gap between Development and Operations.

The latest release provides some key enhancements, including:

  • Support for Installing Oracle Identity & Access Management
  • Support for Installing Oracle Unified Directory

Provision Oracle Identity & Access Management in less than an hour

During the lifetime of a project, multiple Oracle FMW environments will be required, such as Development, SIT, UAT, Pre-Prod and Production. The manual installation and configuring of each of these environments, requires several hundred steps that is nearly impossible to get right in one go, and especially difficult to get right consistently across each environments.

Yet, an in-correct installation is one of the most common causes of issues when developing, deploying and operating Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions. Small in-consistencies between environments, such as different patches levels, disparities in the configuration of components, can cause issues which are difficult to diagnose and rectify; often requiring many wasted weeks of man effort to resolve.

With the latest release of MyST, organisations can now fully automate the provisioning of Oracle Identity and Access Management domains; enabling an activity that manually takes 5-10 days to complete per environment, to be performed in less than one hour.

MyST and DevOps

Rubicon Red MyST can be a vital part of building your DevOps culture and practices. Using MyST, you can do things like fully automate the provisioning and on-going maintenance of your Fusion Middleware environments (dev, sit, qa, prod, etc.), as well automate the deployment and configuration of code across those environments to support key DevOps best practices, such as continuous delivery.