Best in class software integration solutions with MuleSoft

As one of the leading MuleSoft integration partners in Australia, we can help you rapidly deliver best in class integration solutions on MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM.

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API Strategy

API Integration


Software integration is critical for business success

MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM is the world's leading integration and API management platform.  As one of Australia's leading MuleSoft partners, coupled with our integration pedigree, we deliver best of breed system integration solutions so you can deliver a connected customer experience on an architecture built to drive scale and efficiency.


Are you using integration best practice to get the most out of your MuleSoft Anypoint platform?

  • Are you using API integration to deliver a seamless customer experience?
  • Want to integrate new systems faster with your devices and mobile apps?
  • Do changes to back-end systems break your integrations?
  • Are you using DevOps processes to deliver releases faster and more reliably?

MuleSoft software integration solutions to grow your business

With our MuleSoft API integration services, we help you build a dynamic application network and enable your composable enterprise so you can adapt to change, deliver a seamless customer experience and scale your business across your entire value chain.



We help you define an API strategy and target state architecture to deliver on your business priorities and provide an actionable roadmap to achieve them over the next 1-2 years.



Our MuleSoft experts use API best practice to fast track API integration development and build your application network to rapidly connect your applications, systems and devices.



We help you establish robust MuleSoft API Management processes so you can create, share, secure, manage and monitor your APIs across your entire value chain.



We automate and secure your MuleSoft release pipelines to enable continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment and provide automated testing and active monitoring.


or Upgrade

We can help you migrate from a legacy Oracle or IBM integration platform to the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, or upgrade your existing MuleSoft integrations from Mule 3 to Mule 4.



We offer 24x7 support to manage, monitor and maintain your MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to ensure performance and availability of your API integrations - on-premise or in the cloud.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We've been helping customers deliver enterprise software integration solutions for over a decade. 

As the leading boutique MuleSoft implementation partner in Australia, we deliver best of breed system integration solutions with unmatched flexibility and cost using our product-centric delivery model.

  • Group 630 Proven MuleSoft experts with certified MuleSoft developers
  • Group 630 Flexible software integration solutions from strategy, design, implementation to managed services
  • Group 630 Reduced costs with competitive rates based on our onshore/offshore model
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Through its partnership with MuleSoft, Rubicon Red is enabling its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business.

Brent Hayward
CEO | Mulesoft

Deliver your MuleSoft integration solution, faster


01 Define

API Integration Roadmap

We partner with you to understand your vision and challenges. Then, we define an API integration roadmap to rapidly deliver a MuleSoft integration solution that gives you the agility to deliver connected customer experiences at speed. 


02 Implement

Your MuleSoft Integration Solution

Our MuleSoft consultants collaborate with you as we implement your MuleSoft integration solution.   We deliver your  API integrations with proven API standards and API best practices using our product-centric delivery approach to continually adapt our integration services to your needs.


03 Go Live

With your MuleSoft integration solution, that your business loves!

Launch your new MuleSoft integration solution that connects your dynamic application network and delivers a seamless customer experience.  We continue to provide ongoing support and new API integrations based on exactly what you need to help you grow your business!

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Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you connect your digital value chain and create connected customer experiences through future-proof software integration solutions using MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM.


Effortless Partnership

You're the expert in your business. We're experts in MuleSoft API integration. We partner with you as a single team, to deliver your dynamic application network to help you achieve your business goals.  



Our small teams of specialised MuleSoft consultants use a lean, agile approach to rapidly deliver quality API integration services so you can maximise your ROI and deliver value faster. 

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Not all APIs are equal!

Our free white paper will help you on your API-driven journey, whether you're just starting out with API integration or refreshing your integration solutions. You'll learn about API best practices, different types of APIs, roles they play in your integration solution architecture and considerations for each stage of the lifecycle.

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Meet the composable enterprise

To be successful in today’s fast-paced world, organisations must be able to adapt quickly to changing business needs and competitive disruption to rapidly deliver new innovations, products and services.   Winners will be those that can respond to what’s happening in real-time and dynamically adapt applications.  They need applications that can be quickly assembled, extended and then re-assembled - leveraging capabilities from both inside and beyond their organisation.  

Meet the “composable enterprise”.  Gartner states “a composable enterprise is an organization that can innovate and adapt to changing business needs through the assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities.”   The composable enterprise is a highly connected organisation, built on services leveraged from APIs provided internally or externally from partners/suppliers within its extended value chain.

MuleSoft, the world’s leading integration and API management platform, provides the API integration platform that enables the composable enterprise to seamlessly connect and integrate applications, systems and devices at scale.

With over a decade of enterprise integration experience, Rubicon Red uses integration best practice to help organisations deliver software integration solutions and implement dynamic application networks using MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM.   As a certified MuleSoft implementation partner our MuleSoft consultants can help you wherever you are on your journey to becoming a composable enterprise - from API strategy, API implementation, API integration and API management through to ongoing support and managed services.

Schedule a call today to find out how we can help you on your API integration journey and enable your composable business.

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