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Solace event-driven integration solutions for real-time business

As one of the leading Solace implementation partners in Australia, we can help you harness real-time events and data using Solace.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Respond in Real-time

Improve Customer Experience

Event-driven architecture is key to powering the real-time enterprise

Modernising your organisation’s digital backbone requires more than just integration.  The rapid uptake of API-driven integration architectures has provided seamless integration connectivity, but in isolation, doesn’t provide the ability to instantaneously deal with massive volumes of events and distribute them in real-time to all the required constituents. This is where the need for a converged API and event-driven architecture is critical to enable event-driven integration and event-driven processing.  Solace allows you to simultaneously distribute massive volumes of information everywhere it needs to get, in real-time. 


Is your business struggling to get the freshest data to all the right consumers in your value chain?

  • Are you able to respond to business events and customer requests as they happen in real-time, at scale?
  • Are your systems and applications overwhelmed trying to get the freshest data from various sources - streaming data, batch data, edge data, real-time APIs?
  • Is your system scalability and reliability compromised by using polling-based approaches to determine when events happen?
  • Is your visibility and decision making impeded by not having access to the freshest data to support real-time analytics?

Solace event-driven integration solutions to enable your real-time business

As one of Australia’s leading Solace partners, Rubicon Red offers a range of Solace professional services to help you establish your event-driven architecture with the Solace platform, build and evolve your event ecosystem and manage and monitor your Solace platform.



We help you define your event strategy and identify your most important real-time business use-cases that will benefit from event-driven processing and translate these into an actionable roadmap to implement using an event-driven approach over the next 1-2 years.



We set up the right deployment topology for your Solace PubSub+ platform, instil strong foundations of DevSecOps such as configuration management, access control profiles, holistic monitoring and define your event-driven architecture and standards, so you can roll out production workloads into your Solace Event Mesh, consistently.



Our integration experts use established event-driven integration standards and Solace best practices to build and evolve your event ecosystem so you can rapidly relay events across your Solace event mesh to connect your widely located applications, systems and devices.



We can help migrate your existing messaging platforms and workloads into the Solace PubSub+ platform and in the process classify, organise and make these events discoverable and reusable for wider consumption within your enterprise landscape.


Event Lifecycle

Events are now becoming what APIs already are and we help you leverage the PubSub+ Portal to its fullest extent to establish a robust lifecycle management process for your events from discovery to design to development to operations.



We offer 24x7 support to manage, monitor, maintain and optimise your Solace PubSub+ platform to ensure desired levels of performance, stability and availability for the events flowing across your distributed event mesh.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We've been using loosely coupled approaches to system integration, way before it was trendy.  With our pedigree and expertise in integration best practices, we’ve become the leading Solace implementation partner in Australia.  

As a boutique provider, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our flexible approach, competitive rates using our onshore/offshore model and high-quality outcomes that put our customers first.

  • Group 630 Leading Solace implementation partner with the most certified Solace developers in Australia
  • Group 630 Full lifecycle event-driven services including strategy, design, Solace development services and Solace managed services
  • Group 630 A converged API and event-driven reference architecture leveraging Solace to provide a highly scalable, performant and reliable eventing platform
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Our partnership with Rubicon Red marks a new milestone for Solace in the Australia and New Zealand region. We’re excited to be working together with a leading systems integrator to help businesses in the region meet their real-time data needs and thrive in tomorrow’s digital economy.

Kent Nash
General Manager | Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan

Deliver your event-driven solution with the Solace platform


01 Define

Your Event Driven Architecture

We get to know your vision for the real-time enterprise and the current challenges stopping you from getting there. Then, we provide our consulting expertise to define your event strategy and execution roadmap. Finally, we establish your Solace platform foundations comprising a robust event mesh infrastructure along with strong architecture standards and best practices that give you the ability to start building event-driven applications at scale to deliver real-time digital experiences.


02 Implement

Your Event-Driven Applications

Our cross-functional delivery teams understand your real-time use cases and design the events needed to fulfil them. Then, they implement the event-driven applications using established standards and Solace best practices. Finally, our product-centric delivery model ensures that your Solace Event Mesh can continually adapt to your evolving requirements, whilst delivering on time and budget.


03 Go Live & Optimise

Your Solace Event Mesh

We launch your event-driven applications and publish the events for widespread discovery and consumption. Then, we continue to measure the value of your Solace Event Mesh by understanding usage patterns and volumetric analytics. Finally, we help refresh your event-driven strategy so that you can continue to move towards realising your vision of becoming a real-time enterprise.

Group 628

Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you understand what's possible with event-driven architecture so you can use event-driven integration to act upon events as they happen and data in motion to make decisions and respond in real-time to deliver in-the-moment experiences for your customers.


Effortless Partnership

We partner with you as one team.  Our Solace professional services help you throughout the entire lifecycle to establish your event-driven architecture, build your event ecosystem, monitor and optimise to continually adapt to changing events, producers and consumers in your value chain.



Our small teams of specialised Solace consultants use a lean, agile approach coupled with Solace best practices to rapidly deliver robust event-driven integration solutions so you can respond to business events in real-time, at scale, and improve customer experiences.

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Modern, cloud-native architecture is heavily based on an interconnected network of APIs and events.  APIs and events can be combined to solve almost every communication problem within or outside an application in a loosely coupled manner.  Read our free white paper to learn more about how cloud-native architecture, events and APIs are key to enabling the real-time enterprise.

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Harnessing events is key to becoming a real-time enterprise

With the explosion of event and data streaming sources, harnessing real-time events and data has become crucial for organisations to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and run their business in real-time.

The Solace PubSub+ Platform helps companies build an event mesh that enables the real-time distribution of events across decoupled applications, cloud services and devices, including IoT environments, along with the tools required to discover, manage and govern those events.

An event mesh complements a service mesh; by completing the application connectivity layer to provide organizations with the full set of inter-application communication patterns required to integrate real-time data with their applications. 

Rubicon Red's best practice approach to implementing a converged API and event-driven architecture leveraging Solace PubSub+ Platform allows organisations to respond to business events in real-time, at scale.

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