Delivering Solace Event-Driven Solutions, Faster...

Harness real-time events and data to gain a competitive edge, increase operational efficiency and improve customer experiences.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Respond Faster To Change

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Responding In Real-Time is Critical To Be Successful

Events are the lifeblood of the modern business...
Is the lack of access to real-time events holding your business back?


Is delayed access to real-time events holding back your business?

  • Group 629 Are you able to deliver real-time events to the right parts of your enterprise?
  • Group 629 Are you struggling to connect your applications to real-time data?
  • Group 629 Can you scale your integration platform to handle the growing volume of events?
  • Group 629 Can you quickly discover, manage and govern events across your systems?

Real-time event-driven solutions that will
accelerate business growth

Deliver a better customer experience and drive top-line revenue growth, while enabling the business to drive scale and efficiency and grow the bottom line.


Integrate Business Events Faster

Leverage Solace PubSub+ event mesh to rapidly deliver real-time software solutions to power your business in real-time.


Do Better Business, Faster

Harness real-time data to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and gain a competitive edge.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Leverage the power of your real-time events to drive a personalised and hassle-free customer experience.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

We understand IT is under increasing pressure to quickly and cost-effectively deliver solutions that add business value.

We care about delivering quality event-driven solutions on time and budget, that will be reliable in production and able to adapt to your evolving requirements.

  • Group 630 More than 100 happy customers
  • Group 630 Certified Solace Partner and Expertise
  • Group 630 300+ Integration Solutions delivered
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Our Commitment to You


Innovation Leadership

We help you understand what's possible with technology so you can deliver innovative solutions.


Effortless Partnership

You know your business. We know Tech. We work with you as a single team to help you achieve your goals.



We believe small, specialised teams using a lean, agile approach can deliver quality outcomes faster and more efficiently.

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Our partnership with Rubicon Red marks a new milestone for Solace in the Australia and New Zealand region. We’re excited to be working together with a leading systems integrator to help businesses in the region meet their real-time data needs and thrive in tomorrow’s digital economy.

Kent Nash
General Manager | Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan

Our Solace Expertise

As a specialist Solace Partner, Rubicon Red has deep expertise in helping our customers
through all stages of their Solace PubSub+ Journey



We can help define a strategy and roadmap for implementing a Solace Event Mesh.


Plus, we can assist with putting in place standards and best practices for building and operating Solace PubSub+ solutions in conjunction with your other integration platforms.


Implementation Services

We specialise in real-time API-driven connectivity to enable events to flow freely across your apps/systems/devices.


Our Product-Centric approach allows us to accelerate delivery of your Event Mesh and support your evolving requirements for event based integrations. 



We offer a 24x7 operational support service to manage, monitor and maintain your Solace PubSub+ platform.


Our service ensures the reliability, performance and operational availability of your Solace platform and events - whether they be on-premise or in the cloud.

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Deliver your Solace PubSub+ solution, faster


01 Define

Solution Roadmap

We get to know your organisation, your unique vision and challenges. Then we define a solution roadmap to quickly and cost-effectively deliver an event mesh, tailored to unique business needs.


02 Implement

Your Event Mesh

We work in collaboration to implement your tailor-made solution. Our Product-Centric approach allows the event mesh to continually adapt to your evolving requirements, whilst delivering on time and budget.


03 Go Live

With Event Mesh Your Business Loves

Launch your new event mesh and experience increased customer and user satisfaction. We will provide ongoing support as well as continued enhancements as required.

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Our free white paper will help you on your API-driven journey, whether you're starting out or refreshing your integration architecture. You'll learn about best practices, different types of APIs, roles they play in your solution architecture and considerations for each stage of the lifecycle.

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Why harnessing real-time events is critical to your success

With the explosion of real-time events and streaming data sources, harnessing real-time data has become the key for enterprises to gain a competitive edge, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences.

Whilst an API-driven service mesh provides connection-level routing and traffic management for synchronous request/response communications, it is not suitable for quickly, reliably and securely distributing events across multiple systems.

The Solace PubSub+ Platform helps companies build an event mesh that enables the real-time distribution of events across decoupled applications, cloud services and devices, including IoT environments, along with the tools required to discover, manage and govern those events.

An event mesh complements a service mesh; by completing the application connectivity layer to provide organizations with the full set of inter-application communication patterns required to integrate real-time data with their applications. Enabling business to provide a better customer experience and drive revenue growth, whilst improving productivity and reducing operational costs.

Rubicon Red's best practice approach to implementing a Solace PubSub+ event mesh, in conjunction with a service mesh, will allow organisations to rapidly connect their applications, devices and events in a standardised way, reducing the initial cost of implementation and ongoing operational costs, whilst providing the flexibility to quickly adapt to future needs. 

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