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Workato workflow automation solutions to respond in real-time

As one of the leading Workato partners in Australia & New Zealand, we help you deliver intelligent workflow automation solutions to run your business in real-time 

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Deliver Value Faster

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase Efficiency

Intelligent automation driving real-time business

Workato is a modern enterprise leader providing a single platform for integration and workflow automation across your enterprise.  With our integration pedigree, we are one of the premier Workato partners in Asia Pacific.  We rapidly implement your Workato workflow process automation solutions so you can deliver simplified, seamless workflows and digital experiences for your employees and customers in real-time.  


Is the lack of workflow automation impacting your ability to do business in real-time?

  • Is the lack of workflow automation providing a bad customer experience?
  • Is your team wasting time on repetitive, manual tasks?
  • Is re-keying data across multiple systems impacting staff productivity?
  • Is stale, poor quality data increasing your operational risk?

Intelligent automation improves productivity and reduces errors

Our Workato professional services team help you automate business processes and automate work tasks across all parts of your business so you can work faster, reduce errors and improve your customer experience in real-time. 



Our Workato experts leverage accelerators and pre-built recipes to rapidly connect your systems, apps, databases and devices on the cloud-native architecture built to scale.



Our Workato developers help you automate work tasks and automate business processes using Workato to orchestrate a series of human and machine tasks to deliver true business automation.


Smart Data

Our Workato consultants create smart data pipelines (ETL/ELT) to enable continuous ingestion of data at speed into Snowflake and AWS Redshift or other data platforms so you can drive better business insights.



Using Workato, our automation experts use a mix of API-based and UI-based automation to allow you to leverage information from your documents or images or access dark data.



We leverage Workato's enterprise-class API Platform for full lifecycle API Management to create, manage, secure and share APIs and microservices for re-use and loosely coupled integration.



We leverage the Workato workbot to build custom chatbots to provide a conversational interface to your business processes or allow your team to interact from within Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Our Workato experts help automate your business



Our Workato experts can help you streamline talent acquisition, onboarding, change management and offboarding integrating key systems such as Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP Payroll, Xero and Okta. 



We can deliver your Workato workflow solutions to automate your Quote-to-Cash process, automate payments, payroll, expenses and financial reporting integrating Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Xero, ADP Payroll, Workday and more.



We help you automate your sales and marketing from lead to opportunity, opportunity management, order to cash and customer onboarding connecting Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, Zuora, SAP and Zendesk.

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Why work with Rubicon Red?

As the leading Workato implementation partner in Asia-Pacific, we deliver Workato integration and workflow automation solutions with unmatched flexibility and reduced cost using our product-centric delivery model.

  • Group 630 Proven Workato implementation partner with integration and automation experts
  • Group 630 300+ integration and workflow automation solutions delivered
  • Group 630 Reduced costs with competitive rates based on our onshore/offshore model
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Deliver your Workato automation solution faster

Three simple steps to start implementing your Workato workflow automation solutions 


01 Define

Workato Automation Roadmap

We work with you to understand your vision and challenges. Then we define a roadmap to deliver your automated workflow solutions using Workato, to quickly and cost-effectively deliver intelligent automation that will improve your productivity and reduce your costs.


02 Implement

Your Automated Workflow Solutions

Our integration and automation experts quickly implement your Workato integrations and workflow automation solutions.  Coupled with our product-centric approach means we can deliver your solution with unmatched flexibility to continually adapt to your evolving requirements.


03 Go Live

With Workato Solution Your Business Loves ❤️

This is the best bit!  We launch your Workato workflow automation solution and your HR, Finance and Marketing teams get huge productivity boosts and improved customer experiences. We help with ongoing support and any enhancements you may want!

Group 628

Workato's mission is to enable businesses to digitally transform through pervasive integration and automation. Rubicon Red, are a huge part of bringing this mission into reality for our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Markus Zirn
Head of Strategy & Business Development | Workato

How we can help

Supporting you at every step, to help you deliver Workato workflow automation solutions that will transform the way you run your business


Advisory Service

We work with you to understand your vision and challenges. Then we provide a roadmap to incrementally deliver your Workato workflow automation solution that will automate and transform the way you run your business.


Delivery Services

We deliver all parts of your Workato solution - we build the recipes, integrate your apps, automate your business processes, create your APIs and microservices and build your Workbots.  


Managed Service

Our full-service 24x7 operational support is designed to ensure the reliability and operational availability of your Workato workflow automation solutions and give you peace of mind.


Integration as a Service

If you're serious about automating all your lines of business you might like our as-a-Service offering.  Your agile team of Workato experts constantly deliver your workflow automations as a cloud-based service under a monthly subscription.

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Intelligent automation driving real-time business

As organisations strive to keep up with the rapid pace of doing business in real-time and achieve stellar customer experience they are grappling with the need to automate time-consuming human tasks, streamline complicated workflows and processes and connect the myriad of different systems in their broader eco-system that underpin day-to-day business operations.
This is the driving force behind enterprise automation at scale.  As organisations look to automate more and more of their business they need an integrated approach to enterprise automation spanning technology, people and processes across the organisation:
  • Integrating across cloud or on-premise systems
  • Supporting a myriad of applications, data, APIs, events, services
  • Enabling a broad range of technical and non-technical users across lines of business including sales, marketing, HR and finance
  • Ensuring security and governance
Enterprise automation solutions must cater for all different types of automation:
  • Automate work tasks - specific tasks of a larger process. For example, processing expense approvals.
  • Automate application workflows - extending workflows specific to an application. For example, Workday Journeys or Salesforce Process Builder.
  • Automate data flows - the broader flow of data between applications and systems. For example, moving data from the order entry system or CRM to the finance system or ERP
  • Automate business processes - larger processes that enable business functions.  For example, automating a loan approval process or handling student enquiries. 
Workato is the leader in intelligent automation, providing a single platform for integration and automation workflow across your organisation.  It enables you to deliver the entire spectrum of automated workflow solutions across the entire digital value chain spanning customer experience, employee experience, front office, back office, and operational efficiency.
Rubicon Red has been helping organisations successfully integrate and automate their applications, data and business processes for more than a decade.  As a leading Workato professional services partner, we provide end-to-end Workato development services spanning strategy, design, implementation and managed services. Our Workato experts use our best-practice, agile approach to deliver workflow automation solutions across your value chain, so you can realise value faster.
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