• Rapid, Automated Provisioning

    Eaton can now provision a highly complex Oracle SOA environment at the push of a button, with the entire process taking ~2 hours as opposed to the 30 days it previously took to create manually.

  • 25% Cut in Test Defects

    Eaton have cut test defects by 25% thanks to the consistent, repeatable provisioning and ongoing configuration management and patching of new environments delivered through the DevOps automation framework.

  • 300% ROI

    What was once a resource intensive and highly error prone process and been transformed into one that is automated, predictable and low risk, giving Eaton a 300% ROI over 2 years.

Eaton Corporation

Eaton adopted Rubicon Red MyST to deliver a Private integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for Oracle SOA, which allows Eaton to scale on-demand, including spinning up new SOA Environments as needed.

With MyST, Eaton are able to install, create and configure a full Oracle Middleware environment consisting of 6 Highly Available Domains; 5 Oracle SOA Domains with Oracle AIA Foundation Pack and 1 Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Domain in 2 hours, at the push of a button. As opposed to the 30 days it previously took to create manually.

This represents a 99% reduction in the time it takes to provision a Middleware Environment. This work can now be performed by Eaton employees, without the need to engage 3rd party consultants to create manually, typically over a period of approx. 6 weeks.

  • 300% ROI over 2 years.
  • From 30+ days to 2 hours, rapid provisioning
  • Savings; no need to engage 3rd party consultants now.

In recognition Eaton and Rubicon Red were awarded the Oracle Excellence Award for Fusion Middleware Cloud (Private) at the Oracle Excellence Awards 2014 for Fusion Middleware Innovation.

To find out more, download the Eaton Case Study
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