• Side-by-side Upgrades made Simple

    A simple and automated 3-step process for side-by-side upgrades - Introspect 11g environment, Convert to 12c and Create the 12c environment.

  • Speed through Automation

    Migrate complex Oracle Middleware environments in minutes NOT months, by automating the migration process, and significantly reduce the number of man-days required to migrate to 12c.

  • Reliability through Consistency

    Track configuration changes and application deployments across all environments, with full governance and control. Greatly reduce the number of errors and significantly lower the risk of Production outages.

Automated SOA 12c Migration

The continued acceleration in the adoption of key technologies such as Cloud, Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) is resulting in exponential growth in the number and complexity of integration challenges faced by organizations.

This is what makes the latest release of the Oracle SOA platform the most important to date. Oracle SOA 12c was developed to simplify integration by unifying the disparate requirements of mobile, cloud, and IoT into one unified platform. Whilst delivering key capabilities to improve developer productivity.

Now in its third year of operation, SOA 12c has established itself as a mature and stable release. With the end of Premier Support for SOA 11g approximately 2 years away, many organizations believe now is the right time to upgrade to SOA 12c.

There are two options for migrating from Oracle SOA 11gR1 to SOA 12c (i) In-Place Upgrade and (ii) Side-By-Side. Most organizations choose a side-by-side upgrade, as it requires zero downtime, supports all SOA components and involves significantly less risk. The challenge when compared to an in-place upgrade, is you need to systematically capture and re-apply configurations in your existing 11g domain to the new 12c domain.

Most organizations fail to maintain accurate documentation of their current 11g configurations, so have to manually reverse engineer their existing 11g production configurations, so they can be re-applied to their new 12c environments. This is both a time consuming and error prone approach.

Rubicon Red MyST provides a simple and automated process for side-by-side upgrades. MyST allows you to introspect an existing 11g environment, extract the key configuration information and then use this to automatically provision an equivalent 12c environment, in minutes.

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