• Easily Propagate Changes without Scripting

    MyST's clever, 2 layer platform definition makes it super easy to propagate changes without any scripting; (i) the Platform Blueprint abstracts the target infrastructure into an environment agnostic topology; (ii) the Platform Model, overlays environment specific configurations.

  • Quickly Deploy your Apps
    with Fewer Errors

    MyST's declarative, automated application deployment means you can deploy your middleware apps more quickly, with fewer errors. Application Blueprints let you define the artifacts to deploy, their configuration and any platform changes. Application Models let you configure environment specific properties.

  • Full Governance
    Visibility & Control

    MyST's inventory audit means you can track exactly when applications, artifacts and specific configurations have been deployed. Plus, you can give the right folks from Dev and Ops exactly what they need to do their job - you define who can approve and promote releases.

DevOps for Oracle Middleware

DevOps is about extending many of the concepts of agile development to operations, plus fostering greater collaboration between Dev and Ops. That means that the core best practices of Agile Development - like automation, version control and continuous delivery - are applied to the creation, configuration and on-going life cycle management of your Oracle Middleware platform.

Rubicon Red MyST is the most advanced and intuitive DevOps solution for Oracle Middleware. It enables you to quickly establish a standardized, repeatable and automated process across your organization for provisioning and managing your Oracle Middleware infrastructure / platform as well automating the build and deployment of Oracle Middleware applications. All with Zero Scripting.

Designed specifically for Oracle Middleware, Rubicon Red MyST enables you to automate the entire software delivery cycle, from your Oracle middleware platform right through to your middleware applications. Providing organizations with visibility, automation and control to consistently deliver Oracle Middleware solutions faster and with less risk.

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