• Clever Platform Configuration

    MyST's clever, 2 layer platform definition makes it easy to provision and configure Oracle Middleware on-cloud and on-premise, without any scripting.

  • Application Deployment to Cloud

    Release Pipelines allow you to establish a standardized process for automating build, deployment and configuration of Oracle Middleware solutions on-premise and on-cloud.

  • No More
    Configuration Drift

    Configuration drift becomes a thing of the past, through MyST's comprehensive configuration governance and role based access controls.

Dev/Test in Cloud

Development teams are adopting agile practices in an attempt to deliver solutions faster. Yet are often blocked by the capacity of IT Operations to provision “Production like” Dev and Test environments in a timely way. Research shows, moving Dev/Test to the cloud can reduce development time by an order of 11 to 20 percent, with some projects experiencing 30%+ time savings.

To unlock the commercial and speed to market benefits of developing in the cloud, the process of taking code developed and tested in the cloud and deploying it on-premise needs to be frictionless. The two key prerequisites to achieving this are, consistent environment configuration across cloud and on-premise and having a standardized automated process for building and deploying code across all environments.

Rubicon Red MyST delivers automated platform provisioning and configuration for Oracle Middleware, on-cloud and on-premise. MyST uses a declarative approach to automation, meaning users create a “platform definition” that defines the desired goal state of your middleware platform; which, at the push of a button, is provisioned and configured by MyST.

MyST enables you to deliver Oracle Middleware solutions in a consistent, repeatable and scalable manner to local, dedicated and shared cloud environments, allowing enterprises to take advantage of the cloud to further accelerate delivery to market.

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