• Best Practice

    Choose from 3 ways to define your environment agnostic platform blueprint: (i) select from the catalog of "Best Practice" templates (ii) customize your own using the Smart Wizard (iii) use the Smart Inspector to introspect your existing environment.

  • Version Controlled Configurations

    Define your platform model to specify environment specific configurations for all your environments, on-premise or in the cloud. Blueprints and models are put under version control, so you can easily track and deploy changes across all environments.

  • Powerful
    Release Pipelines

    With Release Pipelines you can define exactly how you want to promote configuration changes through staging environments into Production, uniquely combining configuration changes and application deployments into a single release.

Automated Provisioning

Across all industries, organizations are becoming “software companies”, with the ability to rapidly deliver technology enabled innovations becoming increasingly critical to every company’s performance. In an attempt to deliver solutions faster, development teams are adopting agile practices. But they are still dependent on operations to deliver the required middleware infrastructure on which to develop and run the code.

If it takes weeks, or even months, to configure your Oracle Middleware infrastructure, you’re holding up the delivery of business applications. Worse still, incorrectly configured environments frequently results in issues that are difficult to diagnose, often taking many weeks or months to resolve; resulting in further delays, and in some cases, production outages.

Rubicon Red MyST delivers automated platform provisioning and configuration management for Oracle Middleware, on premise and on cloud. Enabling users to deliver a consistent and reliable platform in minutes, not weeks or months.

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