Continuous Delivery

The source of real value that an organization delivers through its products and services to the end customer is increasingly defined by the software “systems” that underpins them.

The end service delivered to the customer is not performed by a single system; but rather a patchwork of applications, each one performing a particular business function. Oracle Middleware components, such as the Oracle BPM Suite and Oracle SOA Suite, provide the application platform to combine these business apps, like puzzle pieces, into an integrated solution in order to deliver a seamless and unified experience to the customer.

Organizations are in a digital race, where the speed at which IT can reliably deliver new features and innovations is what sets them apart from their competition. Yet in most organizations, IT projects are failing to deliver, either on-time or on-budget.

Research shows that a typical software project will often waste 40 percent or more of their resources. It also highlights organizations embracing delivery strategies such as Continuous Delivery or DevOps are able to significantly reduce this waste, and on average are 5-7 times more productive than their peers.

This paper examines the advantages of adopting Continuous Delivery, and how to implement this in the delivery of Oracle Middleware projects, enabling organizations to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly deliver projects faster, with less risk and less cost.

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