Dev/Test in Cloud

How Dev/Test in the cloud is accelerating delivery of Oracle Middleware applications

The source of competitive advantage and value that an organization delivers to its end customers is increasingly defined by the software “systems” that underpin them. As a result, organizations find themselves in a digital race, where the speed at which IT can reliably deliver new features and innovations is what sets them apart from their competition.

Yet many IT projects are failing to deliver either on-time or on-budget, with development teams often held back by their own IT organization.

So how can you reduce the cost of the software you develop and decrease the time it takes to get it right?

Research shows moving development to the cloud can initially reduce development time by an order of 11 to 20 percent. Organizations that fully embrace the cloud for Dev and Test are experiencing 30%+ time savings upon maturing their DevOps capabilities.

This paper discusses the benefits of implementing Oracle Middleware projects in the cloud, how to get started, as well as additional benefits provided by cloud-based development.

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Provide the business with a strategic advantage in its ability to be more responsive in delivering new solutions faster, cheaper and more often.