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"With Oracle Platform as a Service and the help from Oracle Partner, Rubicon Red, we gained the flexibility to connect to all our core systems and deliver innovative services via a range of user interface—including website, mobile devices, or emerging Chatbot technology."

-Ryan Klose, General Manager

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

Increased supply chain efficiency by introducing self-service procurement processes with Oracle Process Cloud and Oracle Mobile Cloud, enabling staff and suppliers to easily raise or adjust PO via a tablet and store manager to approve their orders in two minutes than taking two persons two hours daily.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Enhanced employee experience by extending the supply chain workflows to the ProcureOne mobile application with Oracle Process Cloud and Oracle Mobile Cloud, enabling staff to simply use a single tablet to manage orders and stock and engage customers in store.

Optimized Inventory Management

Optimized inventory management by implementing an adaptive API layer through Oracle SOA Suite to connect the ERP system and other core systems on the backend and automatically adjusting stock levels and ordering time for replenishment, such as cosmetics items, in the other stores.

National Pharmacies

National Pharmacies is an innovative retail and pharmaceutical mutual company in Australia. It sells a broad range of health products along with other products—such as supplements and cosmetics—via retail stores and its online site. The company also provides professional health and wellbeing services, such as weight management and flu vaccinations, to members.

With disruption in the retail and health industry over the last five years, National Pharmacies wanted to shift away from the traditional IT approach and focus on not just the efficiency within the stores, but also constantly scaling innovation and driving customer engagement. To support this goal, National Pharmacies adopted Oracle Cloud Platform to rapidly introduce new capabilities to members, suppliers, and employees.

National Pharmacies started their innovation journey with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Identity Management for integration and identity management. National Pharmacies used Oracle Mobile Cloud to build various customer-facing mobile applications. National Pharmacies then introduced ProcureOne—the tablet-based application built on Oracle Cloud Platform, including Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Mobile Application Framework Foundation. The company continues to leverage the new capabilities of Oracle Cloud Platform to develop new services.

“By allowing Oracle to be our engineers and our IT team be the assemblers, we can totally focus on innovation and delivery of superior customer experience. The return on investment for Oracle Cloud Platform is measured in days, which was unheard of for what we have built,” Klose said.

National Pharmacies worked with Oracle Platinum Partner, Rubicon Red to configure the supply chain workflows with Oracle Cloud Platform and develop the mobile app and adaptive API layer. The partner also provides annual health checks to National Pharmacies and ongoing guidance regarding future architecture and emerging technologies.

“Rubicon Red are our master engineers. They worked with Oracle to bridge the gap for our business drivers and help us get the most out of Oracle Cloud Platform,” Klose said. “Their extensive knowledge and experience with Oracle products gave us great confidence!

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