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“Rubicon Red helped us at a critical moment when we needed to get our v1.0 MVP to market really quickly."

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MVP in just 5 months

With ambitious goals, Pipe17 had an aggressive schedule to meet, and with help from Rubicon Red, they delivered an MVP that customers and investors alike loved!

Minimal cost, hassle free

Pipe17 were looking for a partner they could work with collaboratively - that understood their business, was flexible and easy to work with and wouldn’t cost the earth.

Customers love it!

Pipe17 offers customers a sleek simple customer experience that makes it easy for customers to manage their end-to-end e-commerce operations in real-time.

Pipe17 Case Study

The Case


Today, the typical customer experience ordering products online is sleek and simple, but behind the scenes, for the merchant, the integration between retail systems, 3PLs, distribution and financial systems is a nightmare - archaic, manual and error-prone. Merchants struggle to run their business through a mishmash of spreadsheets to keep track of stock, orders and returns.

This is where Pipe17 comes in, providing merchants using Shopify, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, an integration platform enabling them to seamlessly manage the fulfilment process with pre-built connectors that synchronize data across all their back-end systems and an integrated dashboard providing full visibility of the state of their orders and inventory.

Business Drivers 

In late 2019, Pipe17 launched and started development and prepared to take their product to market. With a handful of customers waiting in the wings, the team needed to spin into action right away to get the dashboards and platform up and running!


Pipe17 found themselves in a predicament. They needed to get development started right away, but as a fledgling start-up, they didn’t have their application development team fully scaled out to meet the tight timeline for their first MVP. They needed a team of highly skilled developers to fast track development.

The Solution

With a clear vision and funding in hand, Pipe17 had an incredible opportunity to rapidly go to market with their unique commerce platform and totally change the way retail merchants run their business. Faced with the dilemma of quickly scaling their development team, Pipe17 engaged Rubicon Red to jump start their development efforts by providing a small team of skilled cloud developers to work in close collaboration with Pipe17.


Rubicon Red is proud to have supported the Pipe17 team with the MVP phase of their development so they could get a working solution into the hands of pilot customers quickly by providing front-end, back-end and integration developers for this AWS cloud-native project.

Since the launch, Pipe17 has been growing at a rapid pace. Customers are acknowledging both the quality and ongoing ease of use of their offering, which means they can deliver their products to their own customers, with much less effort and cost.

Need a hand getting your own project up and running?  We offer a range of development services to help get your cloud-native project off the ground quickly - strategy, platform services, intelligent automation, intelligent chatbots, smart document processing and bespoke application development.

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