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DevOps for Oracle SOA

"With MyST we implemented a predictable and repeatable process for provisioning of complex Oracle Middleware environments. It greatly reduced the time needed for troubleshooting, since environmental configurations are now consistent across the board."

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Automated Platform Provisioning

Automated the provisioning, configuration and patching which means they no longer experience inconsistencies between environments. They are getting better quality of provisioning every time, resulting in identical and predictable environments.

15x Faster Provisioning

15+ times faster to provision environments - they can now build a Platform Model in half a day, and using MyST can provision a new environment from the Platform Model in < 2 hours. Without MyST, this process would take more than a week.

Provisioning & Configuration

After extensive analysis of other DevOps offerings including open source, Rabobank selected MyST as it uniquely combines provisioning and configuration as well as continuous software delivery functionality.


Rabobank has a modern, large-scale enterprise IT organization – applications and technology underpin every interaction with their customers. With significant market and cost pressures due to legislation changes and new disruptive technologies, and thereby many new competitors, Rabobank recognized the need to bring new functionality and offerings to market, more quickly. However faced with rising costs, shorter time frames and fewer staff, Rabobank realized the process for maintaining and releasing software was taking too long, and incurring many mistakes, largely due to lots of manual tasks.

To achieve the necessary transformation from an IT perspective, they needed to establish small, autonomous teams that can manage the entire lifecycle of their components, and automate as much as possible. To this end, Rabobank are adopting DevOps and Agile development practices.

With focus on DevOps for Oracle SOA, Rabobank selected Rubicon Red MyST after extensive analysis of other DevOps offerings in the market including open source products. Uniquely Rubicon Red MyST combines both provisioning and configuration capabilities as well as continuous software delivery functionality. Rabobank has implemented MyST to establish a standardized, repeatable and automated process to consistently provision, configure and manage their extensive Oracle Middleware environments.

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