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Today, every business is a software business and what I mean by that digital technology is the driving force that's enabling new and disruptive business models and whilst technology has been a disrupter for a long time the rate and breadth of technology-led disruption is just accelerating this means that business now needs to respond faster or they will quickly become obsolete. Yet, the challenge facing IT organisations today is the speed at which they can deliver, or rather the lack of it. They need an operating model designed not just to embrace change but one that can act as a catalyst to enable them to continually innovate in line with business priorities. Our approach is built on three core pillars - product-centric, agile development, DevOps and cloud-native. A key component here is that product-centric approach, which means it's treating that digital solution component as part of the core overall offering that a business takes to market and it's really then, putting in place a delivery method around that to continually iterate and evolve that over time. A great example is a customer of ours that we work with, in the home finance space. As we've seen recently, there's been a lot of disruption in the housing market - they wanted to bring a new product to market to target a particular segment. They were able to bring that requirement in from the business, we were able to incorporate that within a few sprints and deliver that solution for them that enable them to react very very quickly to those changing dynamics within the marketplace. The benefits of this approach  -

First, it accelerates speed to market so it enables you to deliver measurable value sooner and more frequently. It also enables organisations to respond faster to changing requirements and business priorities and the fixed capacity component of this drives stakeholders to prioritise work
while staying within budget. So this is key because it helps to align funding and governance to business priorities. By nature, we're a very innovative company and we obviously understand the technology side really well but we like to partner really closely with our customers who obviously understand their business and it's when we bring that combined knowledge together - that's when the magic happens!