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The origin of the name Rubicon Red really comes down to the problem that we're trying to solve for our customers in the early days. Essentially a customer has gone out and acquired the Oracle Middleware stack, they were trying to implement it and we saw them running into lots of problems and difficulties and really we saw the need for a partner to come in and help them set it up the right way, get them successfully past the point of no return in adopting the Oracle Middleware red stack. So, really "crossing the rubicon" on the Oracle red stack.

Today, we work with not just Oracle but other leading technology providers, but it's all around how do we work with customers to unlock their data and deliver it in real-time to where it's needed today and really we see the challenge as being just a bigger challenge than it was back then. So again it's still about how do we help our customers successfully cross the rubicon - get past that point of no return in being able to become a real-time enterprise.