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Today across industries worldwide, it's not enough for businesses to be good at what they do. They must also do it fast.

So, we live in the Now Economy. As consumers, we expect things now. That flows all the way up the supply chain.

Rubicon Red helps organisations unlock their data and deliver in real-time in an efficient
and cost-effective way.

It's all about significantly reducing the friction in business interactions. So whether that's
internally or with customers or suppliers or partners. Underpinning all of this is essentially enabling the rapid flow of information inside an organisation and across corporate boundaries. More often than not, the challenge facing businesses isn't a lack of data. It's getting the right data to the right place at the right time to achieve the best result in real-time.

This could be through real-time API driven integration, event-based integration, just connecting all your applications, systems and devices together and also leveraging things like AI and ML to automate a number of manual tasks.

Rubicon Red provided a tremendous acceleration to the founding of Pipe17.

We worked with them on the initial platform
that we've released. Our dashboards, our connectivity solution around systems like NetSuite to be able to provide a complete solution for our early adopters of Pipe17 for connecting e-commerce systems.

Software service company Pipe17 recognises real-time is vital in e-commerce. Rubicon Red helped to provide a complete solution for early adopters of Pipe17 to connect to e-commerce systems.

It means a simpler and lower cost solution to meet the increasing demand which has skyrocketed during the global pandemic.

Consumers are expecting immediate feedback. You want to be able to place an order. If your items are out of stock, you want to know that right now, you don't want to place the order and then get an email the next day that says the goods are not available. So, real-time is critical to e-commerce's success.

Operating in real-time is also a competitive advantage driving customer satisfaction
and developing trust. And once a customer trusts an organisation to efficiently deliver a good or a service, the more business they'll
potentially do together.

In the data-driven mining industry, working in real-time brings both short and long-term benefits.

With the capability of real-time data, some of our mining customers were able to improve the three key mining metrics - safety, the unit cost of production and return on investment
on their expensive assets. Real-time data ensures better use and longevity of mining assets and resources. Many of our mining customers have adopted automated trucks and equipment to run their mine operations.

These automated machines produce a large amount of data if when harnessed properly
and provided to the suppliers, these organisations can get proactive maintenance schedules from their suppliers which when adopted improves the life of these assets which improves the bottom line of these organisations.

As technology continues to rapidly redefine industry and the business landscape, Rubicon Red is rising to the challenge and assisting customers to successfully cross the Rubicon.

They understand their business. We understand the technology. We come together as a single team and that's when the magic happens.