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Over the last few years, it has become more apparent that digitally capable mining organizations are in a very good position in addressing the top three mining metrics - safety, return on investment and unit cost of production. So in terms of worker safety, lack of real-time availability of worker competency data, leads to unauthorized access to certain areas of the mine site which leads to worker fatality; with the introduction of autonomous haulage autonomous trucks which drive by themselves, they produce a large number of events, which if you do not harness it in the right way, you can't really do proactive maintenance thereby reducing your life of the assets; finally, the unit cost of production - by not having access to real-time movement of mining material to the supply chain it leads to contamination of the stockpile and that again increases your unit cost of production. So, by addressing these three areas by using an integration platform, mining organizations can improve these metrics in a very positive way.

The application landscape within mining organizations is quite complicated, so the applications that enable the mining operation are distributed between these networks and within these networks, there are multiple layers of communication that happens. Most of these organizations are organized in an ISA95 standard and because the distributed nature of these applications and the legacy nature of these applications, integration has been quite a challenge from the very beginning.

So accessing the data in real time or providing this data to suppliers and your stakeholders in real time has been a really big challenge. So we see APIs and events are a core part of enabling a real-time enterprise and we see having a having a really good API and eventing platform is key to establishing a capability. Adopting an API- led integration approach with clear delineation of ownership is really critical to satisfy the demand for integrating the applications today. That's where we see MuleSoft as a platform shines.

MuleSoft Anypoint is the only end-to-end API management platform that helps in productionizing the APIs all the way from ideation to design to implementation to management monitoring etc along with strong API platform we, as Rubicon Red, bring in a number of utilities that become part of this core platform so that the customers can focus on productionizing the APIs and leave concerns like logging, auditing, monitoring to some of the utilities that we bring along with our engagement.

One of our big mining customers have gone through a complete transformation program where they migrated from a legacy integration platform to a new age integration platform like MuleSoft and moving from a legacy integration approach to an API-led integration approach.

The APIs were able to expose the huge amount of data that these haulage trucks were pushing out. They were able to share this data with the suppliers and the suppliers were able to give them a proactive maintenance schedule so thereby they improve the utilization of the asset, as well as reduce any unexpected downtime. The beauty of the way the platform was set up and the architecture was done, while we are migrating their whole integration stack to the new stack, most of these have become reusable APIs. So, when it comes to API design and event design, they need to be designed at the right granularity so that they make sense to the user and can be reused.

Having gone through this journey with a number of organizations and have seen how the industry is evolving, how the integration platform is evolving, we see having access to real-time data is the key. So speed is becoming the advantage for a lot of organizations in today's world and we see real-time information as a key ingredient of that. Today we have the right architecture and right platforms to deliver on organizations becoming real-time and finally, I would say in our experience we see MuleSoft can deliver on this promise.