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SOA Suite 11gR1 Developer’s Guide Published!

July 15, 2010

Well I'm both delighted (and relieved) to announce the publication of the 11gR1 version of the SOA Suite Developer’s Guide. As with the original version, this was jointly written by Antony Reynolds and myself; in fact in many ways this is the book that Antony and I originally intended to write, when we first put pen to paper (or finger to keypad) back in May 2007. At this point the 11gR1 version of the Oracle SOA Suite was still in the initial stages of development, with the ‘goal’ being to time the publication of the book with the release of 11gR1.

Then in early 2008 Oracle announced the acquisition of BEA, which it finalized in July; at this point future timings around the release of 11gR1 were very much up in the air. So we re-focused the book on 10gR3, of course no sooner had this been published and Oracle released 11gR1! So after a brief pause to catch our breath and restore our sanity, Anthony and I pulled out the original manuscripts and started again. As with most books, there is a huge amount of support and effort behind the scenes. We had a great team of reviewers who provided invaluable feedback and encouragement: In addition we had great support from the SOA product management team at Oracle, and the editorial team at Packt Publishing who played a key role in keeping us on schedule! The new book contains approximately 40% new content and is slightly larger than the original. But we made a very conscious effort to try and stop the book from getting to big, so as we introduced new content, we tried to condense (and in some cases remove) material in other areas. We hope we have the balance right, and that readers will get as much (or more) benefit from this version as they did the last.