Automated SOA 12c Migration

Automate your platform migration from Oracle SOA 11g to Oracle SOA 12c on-premise or to the cloud, with Rubicon Red MyST. All done, tested and validated in just a few minutes!

The accelerated adoption of technology disrupters - cloud, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) - is resulting in exponential growth in the number and complexity of integration challenges faced by organizations. This is what makes the latest release of the Oracle SOA platform the most important to date. Oracle SOA 12c was developed to simplify integration by unifying the disparate requirements of mobile, cloud, and IoT into one unified platform. Whilst delivering key capabilities to improve developer productivity. Now in it's third year, SOA 12c has proven itself as a mature and stable release. With the end of Premier Support for SOA 11g approximately 2 years away, many organizations believe now is the right time to upgrade to SOA 12c.

Options for Upgrading to Oracle SOA 12c

There are two options for migrating from Oracle SOA 11gR1 to SOA 12c:

In-Place Upgrade This involves shutting down your existing 11g installation, install SOA 12c in a new Oracle Home, upgrade the existing 11g domain and database in- place and rewire the domain to the new Oracle Home. You should be able to restart the existing installation as a 12c instance.

Side-By-Side Upgrade This involves provisioning a new instance of SOA 12c, replicating the configurations from your 11g platform and deploying your code. Once ready, you then switch over from 11g to 12c.

Challenges Upgrading to SOA 12c

Most organizations choose a side-by-side upgrade, as it requires zero downtime, supports all SOA components and involves significantly less risk. The challenge when compared to an in-place upgrade, is you need to systematically capture and re-apply configurations in your existing 11g domain to the new 12c domain.

Most organizations fail to maintain accurate documentation of their current 11g configurations, so have to manually reverse engineer their existing 11g production configurations, so they can be re-applied to their new 12c environments. This is both a time consuming and error prone approach.

Side-By-Side Upgrades made Simple

Rubicon Red MyST provides a simple and automated process for side-by-side upgrades, all done in minutes, with 3 simple steps

  • Introspect - Point MyST at an existing 11g environment. MyST will introspect
    the platform instance and create a corresponding 11g Platform Blueprint.
  • Convert - Specify the Oracle Middleware 12c version required. MyST will
    automatically convert the blueprint to one that is compliant with the Oracle
    Enterprise Deployment Guide for SOA 12c, whilst preserving your
    11g configurations.
  • Create - Specify the target environment(s), for the new SOA 12c domain. Then, at
    the click of a button, MyST will automatically provision an equivalent 12c
    Oracle Middleware platform in minutes.

How to Avoid Deployment Issues

Regardless of whether you perform an In-Place or Side-by-Side upgrade, you will need to migrate your 11g code to 12c, then build and deploy it. Performing this manually is resource intensive and highly error prone - incorrect deployment is one of the most common causes of issues when promoting code into a staging or production environment, especially in migration projects.

MyST leverages declarative deployment to fully automate the deployment and configuration of your Oracle Middleware applications. The declarative, model-based approach is the key to avoiding deployment issues - all key application specific information is defined in the Application Blueprint and enviroment specific configuration settings are defined in the Application Model. Unlike other offerings on the market, this means there is no gold image that is quickly outdated, or error-prone scripting or variables to be manually set in each environment - everything is automated and this means it is a very easy process to promote code into each environment, error-free!

Want your upgrade done right, first time?

With Oracle Premier Support ending for SOA 11g within the next two years, organizations are looking to migrate to SOA 12c. Good preparation is critical to a successful upgrade including intimate understanding of the pre-requisites, thorough knowledge of the documentation, comprehensive testing and a reliable back-up strategy.

Our team of experienced consultants have migrated many organizations to the latest SOA 12c release, and have refined and optimized the process, identifying a set of best practices to streamline every upgrade. Our real-world SOA 12c upgrade experience, combined with the use of Rubicon Red MyST to automate the upgrade, provisioning and deployment, means we will get your upgrade done right, in no time!

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Using Rubicon Red MyST we were able to perform an end-to-end upgrade from SOA 11g to SOA 12c in just 50 days. Manually, this would have taken us 170+ days. Oil and Gas Company

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SOA 11g to SOA 12c Upgrade

With dual requirements to minimize PROD downtime as part of the upgrade, and to be able to quickly roll back to the 11gR1 environment in the event of migration issues, ensuring a smooth 12c upgrade was paramount for this large oil and gas exploration company.

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