Cloud Architecture

Our Oracle middleware and Oracle iPaaS specialists offer unrivaled expertise to address your cloud architecture challenges with innovative cloud solutions.

With a pedigree in Oracle middleware, Rubicon Red is uniquely placed to rapidly deliver successful cloud architecture, hybrid and on-premise integration solutions that are being driven by the proliferation of data everywhere from SaaS, mobile and IoT initiatives and the need to integrate them with existing on-premise enterprise applications and systems of record.

Exponential Cloud Growth

Cloud growth is widely acknowledged by the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDC, as we see organizations adopting cloud based-models for IT modernization, to drive innovation and increased competitiveness and optimize costs.

As organizations begin to adopt cloud services from various providers, we see the need for hybrid cloud scenarios will be most common. Hybrid cloud environments enable organizations to continue to leverage their existing assets but expand their application networks to exploit the competitive advantages promised by the API economy, mobile and IoT.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Challenges

By it’s very definition hybrid cloud computing requires integration between internal and external environments. Therefore, the hybrid cloud model brings with it a set of application integration, management and deployment challenges that require expertise to design and implement effective architectures that will support application services as they shift from private cloud to public cloud models and a combination there-of.

At Rubicon Red we are excited to leverage our core integration expertise, refined over hundreds of integration projects, to help our Oracle customers modernize their IT environments as they migrate from largely on-premise systems, to a blended environment comprised of SaaS apps, mobile, IoT, private cloud and on-premise apps.

Cloud Architecture Success Factors

Rubicon Red understands the architectural considerations and best practices critical to implementing a sustainable hybrid cloud model and can help you design and implement a cloud architecture to support your changing needs.

  • API Management and Agile Development
  • Risk Management, Governance and Compliance
  • Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Optimize Cloud Apps - Re-use and Standardization

Implementing new cloud models presents opportunities to drive greater agility and cost optimization, but to really deliver on this promise, teams must look to capitalize on well known SOA disciplines of re-use and standardization.

The award winning Rubicon Red Reference Architecture has its roots firmly in SOA Design Principles and Best Practice and in it’s most recent form has been refactored to be cloud aware, to specifically cater for the opportunities presented by Cloud and the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Reference Architecture

Rubicon Red Talks about Oracle Cloud Services for Developers

Arun Pareek, Principal Consultant, Rubicon Red discusses the remote patient monitoring system the team built at the Oracle Integrated Cloud Hackathon. The Rubicon Red team integrated 9 Oracle Cloud Services during the 2 day hackathon including Mobile Cloud Service, Integration Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service and IoT Cloud Service.

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