Installing MyST in a minute!

MyST offers unbeatable consistent, repeatable and reliable delivery of Oracle Fusion Middleware platforms in minutes. In this blog we are going to go through the process of installing MyST using the installation wizard. In less than 60 seconds we should be up and running!

Lets get it started!

If you already have Java installed you may wish to simply run the MyST installation wizard and follow the prompts to get up and running as soon as possible! However, if you are installing MyST for the first time, you may appreciate the longer tutorial below which will go into a bit more detail on installing MyST and its prerequisites.

For clarity, we will go through the specifics of the installation below as they appeared in the video tutorial.


Your MyST target environment will need to meet the following requirements.

Operating System
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • CentOs
  • RedHat
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Windows
  • Mac

Fusion Middleware is a Java-based platform and MyST is no different. In addition to the hardware requirements listed above, you will also need the Java Development Kit (JDK).

To check the JDK installed, run the following from a command prompt / terminal. java -version

Supported versions are JDK 1.6 and 1.7

If you need to install Java, it is available for download from Oracle


MySTing it up!

The MyST installer will take care of all the heavy lifting. It is an executable Java program which means that it requires Java to run. On some operating systems, running the installer is as simply as double clicking it while on others you may instead need to run the following from the command line: java -jar MYST_INSTALLER ...where MYST_INSTALLER is the location of the installer. For example, /Downloads/myst-installer-

Below we take you through the 8 step wizard for installing MyST.

MyST Installation Wizard

Where is your home?

MyST supports multiple versions, so you better tell your operating system which home you want to use! Set the MYST_HOME environment variable to the product home used during installation. For example: MYST_HOME=/Applications/myst

The environment variable can be set from the command prompt / terminal but to make sure this always happens don't forget to add this to your system environment variables.

Initialise your model

MyST builds highly available, performant platforms through a declarative model-driven approach. To generate a sample model, run the following from a command prompt / terminal. myst init

Ready to kick out the jams!

By now, MyST is installed. You've got a sample model. And you're ready to go! To see a list of available actions, run the myst usage command by executing the following from the command prompt / terminal. myst usage