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Unified Workflow with the Oracle BPM Suite

July 05, 2013

Rubicon Red oneSpot provides an extension to the Oracle SOA and BPM Suite 11gR1; without copying, presents users with a single unified view of all their tasks across multiple workflow platforms.

Business processes represent sets of logically organized activities spanning multiple IT systems, departments, and roles. Some activities are automated and performed by machines, whereas others are manual and performed by people. In a typical enterprise, these processes are fragmented and buried across multiple applications (such as Oracle eBusiness Suite, SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel and custom apps), making processes rigid and hard to change. Oracle BPM and SOA Suite 11gR1 is the next generation solution that allows businesses to define and implement end to end business processes that integrate these process fragments together, allowing processes to be easily reconfigured to meet the evolving requirements of the business Human Tasks (or workflows) are a fundamental part of any business process as they provide the channel for communication between business processes and there participants. Whilst Oracle BPM provides a comprehensive workflow solution, the process fragments that execute in the existing IT systems, often require users to perform certain tasks like acting on requests pending approval or flagging a manual fulfillment as complete. Each of these applications includes its own workflow engine, which creates and manages tasks for the part of the business process that it covers. As a result, business users regularly have to log into multiple applications, to determine which tasks the have assigned to them at any one time. This means it’s impossible for a user to get a single view of all their tasks, or allow there manager to easily monitor or managing outstanding tasks for all their employees. Rubicon Red oneSpot an extension to the Oracle SOA and BPM Suite, presents users with a single unified view of all their tasks in one spot. This is achieved through the use of a Virtual Task Repository (VTR); which is designed to be connected to multiple workflow task stores and present users with a single integrated view of all tasks assigned to them. Virtual Task Repository Form within oneSpot a user can open a "virtual" task and work on it as if it were a local task, with all actions / updates performed on the task executed againt the real task in the source workflow application. All tasks have a common set of attributes; and enable standard operations to be performed against them in a common way, as well as allowing comments, attachments, etc. to be stored against them. Conclusion No one should have to open multiple browser windows / applications to check their workflow tasks, so oneSpotallows you to track all your tasks in one view and instantly lets you know when new tasks arrive.